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I just have to say I LOVE hotels. I just do. I feel I could live in them if I had to - I am that special brand of person. Of course it has to meet several requirements - awesome room - year round pool and a workout room that's well equipped. All that to say that I am in a hotel room right now! I am in T dot where I will be going to a 2 day meeting at our head office. I got here this evening and after checking in I walked to my head office as I had a rough idea where it was but I would rather get lost tonight when I have oodles of time then tomorrow morning when I am on a time crunch. I found it easy peasy which I am so happy for. I got back to the room - unpacked - then debated whether to go workout in the gym. I had brought my work out clothes but wasn't sure I would go as I haven't worked out in over a week due to my cold. But I decided what the heck and got changed and went to the 17th floor. Imagine my surprise as I was walking to the gym and noticed the outdoor pool had people in it. It was open!!! I thought it would be closed!

The best part? At the last minute I had packed my swimsuit as a 'what the heck' sort of thing as I was leaving my house. Boy am I glad I did!! I did a quick workout and then lickedly split went and got changed into the suit and swam on the 17th floor roof top pool. Crazy awesome. I was so happy I wanted to face book about it! But I contained myself and didn't. Why? Um for purely selfish reasons. I have friends in Toronto - lovely friends - but friends I do not wish to hang out with tomorrow night. I am looking forward to a solo evening of me and the pool and a good book. I sometimes feel like I'm such a loner but I can't help it I really enjoy spending time with myself. Friends are good too.

I'm hoping I can fall asleep tonight at a decent time so I can get up and workout before going to work. I kind of doubt that will happen but a girl can dream. Either way I can work out after work but I would rather just spend my time in the pool! Unfortunately the weather is showing a chance for rain tomorrow but I got my fingers crossed the rain doesn't ruin my plans. Alright time to log off this free wi-fi and get ready for bed! Have I mentioned I love hotel living?

9:52 p.m. - 2015-05-24


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