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Oh look my second 'incident' report

To continue on from my last post after I logged off I did go to sleep and had a very fitful sleep that night. I woke up early - turned off my 'early' alarm and knew working out was well 'out'. I then proceeded to toss and turn and decided to hell with it and got up and surprise 'worked out'. Yup I went and walked on the treadmill first thing in the morning.

The meeting at head office went way better than I had imagined it would. At the end of day 1 the majority of us (there were 9) decided to go out to dinner. I declined as I had my 'pool plan'. But I gave them a maybe then went up to my room at the hotel where I proceeded to call myself an idiot and to just go hang out with people, not be so anti-social and have a good time. I'm not going to lie it helped that it was overcast and not that hot out. I then went and joined the crowd and we went out to Whallburgers or however you spell that. The food was nothing special but definitely over priced. Cocktails were $12 each! Um no. I had water. After that we were trying to think of where to go for a few drinks until someone suggested going to the liquor store and then back to the hotel. Genius!

We ended up on the 17th floor at the outdoor pool where we sat with our legs in the warm water and went over some papers that we had to make changes on. It was pretty much us for the next few hours. Right before the pool was going to close I jumped in and swam for the remainder of our informal 'meeting'. I had my swimsuit on of course (I didn't have that much liquor!). We then finished the party back in a hotel room until we realized it was midnight and called it a night. Needless to say I did NOT work out Tuesday morning. I had to pack up and get my stuff to my car and check out before heading back to the office for day 2 of the meeting.

My drive home was horrible. We tried to tie up the meeting early but without too much success. I still got stuck in rush hour traffic and it took me over 2 hours to get home. It was hot and sticky and traffic crawled but I just decided to sit back, crank the tunes and relax. My hubby was relieved when I walked through the door as he was getting worried at how long I was taking!

Today was back to the grind. My work day zoomed by and I felt like I was buzzing the whole day. Not much work got done today - but that was also due to the 2 meetings I had this morning.

Now the day could have ended on a better note, with 5 minutes left of the work day I ran to the washroom before my drive home and on my way out of it I slipped on water on the floor and went over on my ankle. As I did that I was slipping and both shoes slipped and momentum carried me forward and only the wall stopped me with my outstretched hands. I've slid before on water and it was fine but having sprained my ankle recently I was worried. So rather than ignore it I told my manager and we had to fill out an incident report.

I fully expect everything to be okay with my ankle. I took some meds and am now icing it while keeping it elevated. I have full confidence I will be a-ok tomorrow.

And since tomorrow is my Friday (yup a 2 day work week) I will be going to work. Not to mention my team is having a potluck so it's gonna be food day tomorrow! Not a bad work week at all.

8:49 p.m. - 2015-05-27


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