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Cheer's to the freakin' weekend

Today was the longest Friday - mostly due to lack of work. I ended up cleaning my desk - literally. Ah well at least it will be nice and sparkly for me when I come in on Monday.

So the bank appointment. The bank appointment didn't go as well as we hoped. Looks like we're at plan H or whatever letter of the alphabet we are on.

Well there was no awkwardness at swimming this week - that's because we didn't go. T sent me a text cancelling because her guy had to work. I originally said I would go over to her house and hang out for a few hours but decided against it as I was tired and had things to do. It turned out to be a good thing cause I spent the evening on the phone with family discussing this weekend. I also spoke to little D who just had his tonsils out and is not doing so well. He isn't keeping food or liquids down and was running a fever. I feel so bad for the poor little pumpkin and his parents. His little brother isn't doing so well either (throwing up). Keith was wondering if it's because his little brother is stressed by what's going on with his big brother? I guess it could be possible. It's got to be scary for him to hang out at the hospital for a day then see his brother lie around unwell. I sure hope everyone is feeling okay when we see them on Sunday.

We have come up with a plan for the weekend. Keith and I will go to the wedding of my cousin (well second) and we will drive my younger brother home after the reception (he'll come down with my parents). That way we can go back and get a visit with my sil and the two sick boys. I just really hope Keith doesn't catch anything from the sick one. I think I will bring some hand sanitizer!

Speaking of which I have to wrap this up - I gots a ton of stuff to do tonight. I'm a last minute sally as usual.

Cheers to the weekend!

9:31 p.m. - 2015-06-05


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