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Work is the main ingredient....when you are at work

Coming in to my shiny clean empty desk this morning was everything I thought it would be - booooring. I had no work for about the first 2 hours of the day which let me tell you is normally when I am most productive. Needless to say the rest of the day did not pick up - even when the work finally arrived.

What I did do was spend way too much time researching beauty spas for my mom and myself this Friday. I forgot most spas are closed Monday's which makes it harder to book! Also - they are damn expensive! My mom wants a massage while I want a facial. After my mom heard that I wanted a facial my mom said she wanted one of those too - she's cute. I emailed a couple people and heard back from one. She was super nice and we emailed back and forth part of the day as she couldn't really work us in back to back. She works out of her home and her prices are really reasonable. Her reviews are great. She did say she could recommend a few places and told me to call her tonight. I did and then she ended up moving an appointment around and was able to get my mom and I in! I am psyched. I am only a tad worried as she seemed kind of busy - multi-tasking - so I'm not going to be surprised if we show up and she can't remember which treatments we are getting. Luckily she seems super easy going and not annoying. At least that's my impression of her - we'll see in a couple days!

Now onto the recapping of my weekend! Saturday we had a wedding to go to. Keith worked and when he came home from work he was wide awake so there was no way he could nap. He did try and was able to sleep for an hour - of course the best sleep comes right before I had to wake him to get ready to leave. We prettied ourselves up, packed the car and hit the highway. We were making good time til we got to Toronto of course where we slowed down to a crawl. I was anxiously watching the clock. We made it to the wedding with 15 minutes to spare - go us! I was surprised when we sat in the first 3 rows as family of the groom. I mean yah I'm family but not close - but as I was soon to find out he didn't have many immediate family able to come. So the wedding wasn't huge like I thought but any and all family was welcome so it seemed.

After the wedding there was 2 hours to kill so my siblings and I and an older cousin headed to McD's where we sat outside on the patio and had drinks and some people had some snackies.

The reception was beautiful. The venue was done up very nicely. We did not stop eating from the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left (they had a poutine food truck at the end of the night!). They also had an open bar. Too bad I was DD! I made sure Keith and my younger brother were never without a drink. I was pleased that Keith made it til midnight. The drive back to my brother's was not fun. My brother sat in the front as we have a small car and he's a big guy so he fit better there. He was so tired but tried to stay awake for me I think. But he rolled down the window and the night was chilly. I froze. Then he fell asleep half hour from home so I turned on the heat and warmed up a little!

Sunday I got up when I heard the first pitter patter of little feet. A mere 6 hours later. It was S wide awake and roaring to go. Poor D who was excited we were coming asked his mom if he could sleep for 5 more minutes when she went to check on him. Unfortunately he's still not feeling great. Keith and I ended up staying home with the kids while my brother and sil went to church. It gave us time to spend time with them and for their parents to get out together even if it was to church. My sil came home and Keith and I left with their youngest to take back to my parents where his father was. We were supposed to have lunch together but S had a party to go to so my brother had to take him. So my parents and us had a quick lunch then they had to leave for a service my dad was doing and we had to hit the highway to home.

Just another fun filled chaotic weekend.

Now back to my planning for this Friday! I got to fill in the rest of our fun filled day!

(PS -why is dland finding something wrong with the word mom and not dad?)

8:32 p.m. - 2015-06-08


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