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Weekend with mom

I have a case of the post-weekend blues and I ain’t gonna sugar coat it – it’s pretty bad. Hand in hand with that could be the fact that I no longer have my flex for the rest of the summer (a first in several years). I know there are way deeper issues but this journal isn’t a therapist and I’m not going to use it as such. Although in all likely hood it may be the fact that I slept poorly last night. I woke up several times to glance anxiously at the clock. I normally sleep fitfully Sunday night’s but last night I knew it was the start of my new hours (really I’m just starting at 8:30 instead of 7:48). Rather than set the alarm later and sleep in I have decided to get up and exercise. Today was that morning and let me tell you it was so very hard to not reset my alarm and go back to sleep. But I got up and dutifully put on my workout gear and headed to the basement where I worked out on the elliptical. Morning #1 done.

So my weekend. My weekend was excellent. Not just because of what I did but who I was with. I spent time with my mom – a lot of time – and she told me several times how much it meant to her. My mom says this a lot. To me I mean. She tells me how much she appreciates having me as a daughter or how much she appreciates that I call her once a week now just to chat. She told me again this weekend how much it meant to her just to have these couple days together. My mom is not the sappy person in our family but she sure makes me choke up when she says stuff like this. So rather than get emotional I normally make a joke to deflect my feelings. I sometimes tell her back how much it means to me as well. But there is no way in the world I could ever tell my mom how picturing life without her in my life nearly gives me a nervous breakdown. Hm since I’m writing this at work I should probably reel the potential for waterworks in a tad. Let’s just sum it by saying my mom is the most awesome woman I know.

We did have a great weekend despite the weather. Friday it was cool and overcast – the opposite of what it said it would be. Our spa treatments lasted a few hours extra than we planned. My mom got a massage and a facial while I got just a facial. She also fit in 2 quick manicures. The only downside is that this lady works from her home and thus only has 1 room and so my mom and I had our treatments while the other person sat in a chair a few feet away. The lady told me to bring a magazine etc to read but then since the room was in the basement and she dimmed the lights a magazine would have been impossible to read. But I would go back so obviously that shows the good far outweighed the bad. We then went on to an early dinner or a late lunch depending on how you looked at it (4pm). We then did some shopping before heading home to my poor pops who had no dinner but that man lives to see my mom happy so he did not complain at all.

Saturday turned out to be hot and beautiful and the whole fam (brothers and their families) came over for an early brunch and to celebrate father’s day a week early. My mom and I made pancakes and had ham as well. It was quite delicious and my mom keeps crediting me for the idea. I was just trying to make it easier on her since she would be doing the cooking. She was probably happy to save a crap load of money as originally it was going to be a couple buckets of chicken and that gets pricey. Of course any money she saved was spent on our dinners as that night her and I went out again to a well known chicken place in that area (I had never been). My dad had a party he was invited to so he was fed that night.

Sunday was the chaos day. Church. Okay that wasn’t chaotic just trying to round up my nephews and the rest of the people involved in a quick lunch at McD’s before my mom and I (and my sil) left for a baby shower. We then had to pick up my niece on the way there so 4 people in my small Echo. It was quite the party in the car! We were only 55 minutes late! Ah well it seems we missed half of the present opening so I’m okay with that.

Then it was finally time for me to hit the highway home to Keith. Traffic was for once not insane. Oh it was busy and there was lots of it but it moved well – even through Toronto. I made it home 7 minutes after I had said which was 7 minutes past his bedtime but Keith stayed awake to see me and stayed up way too late to talk to me. He’s probably gonna be cranky tonight.

Evening update to add:

Well my day did get better. I began to smile more (and actually mean it) this afternoon at work. I got home to a husband who wasn't at all cranky and in fact we had a lovely couple hours together before he had to head to bed.

I got a few things accomplished tonight on my to-do list. I did spend a bit too much time on this here laptop but that's okay I'm gonna log off now and get some more done on my list.

Here's to this mood of mine continuing to go up up up!

8:38 p.m. - 2015-06-15


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