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Midnight or bust said the old person (me)

Snap crackle n’pop. These are the sounds I hear when I try and stand up at my desk every 20 minutes. Yes 20 minutes. I have read how horrible it is to sit at a desk all day so I’m trying to help that whatever way I can. Now it didn’t start with a quick stretch every 20 minutes it started with resting my eyes every 20 minutes or looking off into the distance since I stare at a computer 8 hours a day I know I’m doing mucho damage to these baby blues (even though Keith called my eyes grey but what does he know?) Speaking of looking at yourself – I have had a mirror in my cubicle about the size of a piece of paper hanging on my wall for years now. Whenever I stood up to do anything there was the mirror so I would have a quick chance to check out how awesome I am – or you know if my hair was crazy messy or if had lipstick or spinach in my teeth. A day ago the mirror came down – the plastic around it got tapped by my fan when I raised my desk to the standing position – something I also like to do for my health. This tap resulted in the fragile (read brittle) plastic to crack into a million pieces. Now luckily the mirror didn’t break cause I don’t need 7 years bad luck! The mirror was cheap but still good so I’m giving it to T to maybe use as a display at her store – artsy people do that sort of thing.

So yah all that to say that it is really disconcerting to stand up and stare at a blank piece of wall for several seconds too long cause you are expecting to see your reflection to appear! I have plans to find a mirror to fill that place stat!

So this weekend is the big drinking weekend – I mean ‘girl’s hanging out weekend’ with Keith’s mom and sisters. And maybe another dozen ladies if everyone they invited attends. I do hope more people attend to make it more of a party atmosphere but if only us 4 gals are there I will also be happy cause they are funny women to hang out with. I am torn about where to sleep. Last year I slept on the 2nd floor in a double bed with T. This year there are more variables – more woman means less places to sleep. So I have decided to bring my tent and if I have to bust it out to sleep then I will. T wasn’t going to come at all this year but then I talked her into coming over for a couple hours just to hang out – I mean it’s 10 minutes from her house! It’s so convenient. She’s having problems with her stomach so I get she doesn’t want to drink which is fine. I guess at the girls’ party she went to a couple weeks ago she drank quite a bit and had major stomach issues afterwards. She had warning signs of an ulcer a few years ago and she’s wondering if it’s back. In fact I think she had a doctor’s appointment today. I should see how that went. One moment.

Okay I text her and the doctor thinks it's to do with acid from her drinking, eating and stress. She will do a blood test as a precaution but pretty sure it's the first thing.

On that note I'm off. I have to find ways to keep myself up for another few hours - need to prep for tomorrow night when I may not even go to bed!

10:00 p.m. - 2015-06-26


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