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Woo Woo & Seabreezes = 1 fun night

I'm not even sure why I'm trying to string more than two words together....I am tiiiiiired. Which I guess would mean last night was a success - of sorts.

Turns out there were only 6 of us including myself. Same # as last year. All the same people except for 1 person - they switched out a girl from last year as she turned out to be a downer and annoyed everyone so they invited a different gal and she was a hoot. Although this morning when I asked how she felt she said just fine which makes sense since she was sensible and switched out drinks with water a few times. I on the other hand was not that bright but all things considered I didn't feel that bad. It was probably only the 5 1/2 hours of sleep that did it to me. And even those 5 hours were pretty bad because once again T and I shared the world's smallest bed.

Yup T not only made it but she ended up staying the night after arriving, having a few drinks and deciding what the hell she wanted to stay and have fun. I compromised and we went to bed a bit earlier than last year - around 3:30 I think.

I got there about 5pm and brought a crockpot full of pulled pork that Keith and I made. There was a ton of food this year. Everyone was drinking all except one person - one of the twins. The sly girl was preggers again! With her fourth! It was planned - her youngest is not even a year but her and her husband wanted 4 kids so there ya have it! Poor girl I can only imagine last night for her - we got loud and I'm sure annoying. Plus her mom smokes like a chimney so I'm sure that wasn't too pleasant - she's also used to it I'm sure. Now normally her mom smokes in what's called the 'smoke room' in the house but it seems during these girl nights all bets are off for some reason.

Anywho the night was quite fun and loud and boisterous. The sleep was brutal but meh I got through it.

I left fairly early as most everyone was up except for the 2 who stayed up for a few more hours after we all went to bed. T had to leave to get home to her fam and then head to work. I just wanted to go home and have a nice hot shower and spend time with Keith which is what I did. We went out for a little bit which helped in preventing me from laying down and napping! I want to sleep well tonight so that's why I needed to avoided the snoozies.

I felt bad though cause I brought home most of the pulled pork I had brought as not many people ate and plus there were only 6 of us. The worst part was the pork got shut off last night but not put away in the fridge thus we had to throw it all away as Keith won't take the risk of eating it (I probably would cause I'm a rebel like that but he won't let me - so sigh the pork got thrown out).

Alright so now that I have got this entry done, made sure my big bro show is taping (I fooled around with the recordings), have made my bed with fresh new sheets I am ready to head upstairs with a good book and hopefully read for a very short time before being lulled into a dream filled sweet sweet sleep!

8:04 p.m. - 2015-06-28


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