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2nd wedding & no good cars!

July. Wow this summer is zooming on by - as it does every year. I keep getting interrupted while trying to write this entry - texting a couple gals - I think we may just be having us a party this Saturday. Good ol' fashion family friendly bbq. Should be fun if this pans out!

But that was the future let's talk about the past. So this past Canada Day Keith and I held up our annual tradition of going to a ribfest in T dot. It was supposed to be a coolish day which I dressed for except it was quite warm when we got there. We were at a bit of a loss though as we had time to kill before we wanted to eat but we both hate spending money on crap (lol first world problems I know). Eventually we got our food and sat down to eat the ribs in the blazing sun. We made haste pretty much after that and headed home to just relax for the rest of the day. That evening around 9:30 I walked up to the mountain behind our house (Keith was in bed) to watch the fireworks happen all over the city. Last year there was about 10-15 people. This year? A few hundred. Um yah guess word got out it's pretty awesome to watch hundreds of fireworks happen all over the city without having to worry about traffic especially if you walk over there like I did. I stayed about an hour before walking back home.

I then took the rest of the week off but didn't do too much Thursday except sit outside with a good book. Friday I got my butt in gear and cleaned out the room known as our office. I did feel bad though cause T had text me earlier in the morning (while I was asleep) to ask me to watch her little on as her babysitter crapped out on her. I didn't get the text til much later and then later on that afternoon she text me again to see if I could watch her for a few hours but I was knee deep in the office and didn't hear my phone. But I did get a lot done and got us ready for the wedding we were going to on Saturday.

Saturday Keith managed to get done work early but then we ran into a huge snag - his car stopped working. I ended up going to pick him up and we had to leave the car where it was (his work parking lot). We made it to the hotel in really good time and Keith managed to get an hour nap which was way too short but at least it was something. The wedding was 5 minutes away which was nice. It was different in that you were led to your table for the reception and the wedding happened in the same room so you didn't have to move. Which was nice but there was also an hour to kill between the wedding and reception (oh and never use that phrase 'hour to kill' with a 5 year old - it's hard to explain the meaning). Unfortunately the reception didn't really get high energy like the last wedding we were at although surprisingly it had an open bar as well. I originally planned to get my drink on but due to the lack of party atmosphere and sitting beside my parents I decided to just be the dd again for Keith. We ended up leaving at 11 and there really weren't that many people left. I kept delaying leaving as I felt bad for the bride and groom having everyone leave so early. But poor Keith was super tired so we said our goodbyes. Originally when I booked the hotel I had planned on dropping him off to sleep while I went back to party but knowing it wasn't lasting that much longer I was okay with calling it a night.

Sunday turned out to be a pretty fun day. We didn't have to check out til noon and we made good use of that hotel room! Oh and we cranked that AC nice and high the whole time. Bliss.

Unfortunately we had to get our heads back into the real world on the drive home and deal with our car problem. We stopped and tried to fix it but Keith couldn't get it going. We came home - went on the world wide web got a few ideas - went back and still couldn't fix it. Then Keith locked the keys in it. Oops. That evening I made another trip back after he went to bed and rescued the keys.

Today I called in to work and then called my mechanic to ask if she could help us out. Unfortunately she was swamped today but can look at it tomorrow. Keith came and picked me up in the bread truck and drove me to his car where I called CAA and then followed the tow truck driver to our mechanics and explained what a pain in the ass that car is (a bunch of after market crap was put on it). I figured I would have to take the bus tomorrow (something I've never done) but now Keith's boss is going to pick me up at 7am and drive me to our other car which Keith is using to get to work at 2am. I will drive myself to work an hour early - Keith will take the bread truck home and that evening we will drop his truck off and fingers crossed pick up our car if it's ready. If not it's not too bad cause Wednesday Keith doesn't work so we don't have to worry about getting us both to work.

And that's my update in a long boring probably nonsensical update!

Tonight I go for my massage at 7pm. I'm pretty sure I really need it right about now!

3:03 p.m. - 2015-07-06


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