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July 7th and 10th cause why not

July 7th
Yah that's right I started this entry 3 days ago!)


Oh my – who knew showing up 1 hour earlier to work could mess with your day like this? It probably didn’t help that I was awake way before my alarm because I am a huge dork when it comes to changing up my routine and I always worry my alarm will not go off for whatever reason or I will sleep through it (which I have never done). I got up super early as I got a lift into work with Keith’s boss. He is super nice to do that for us. I haven’t heard from my mechanic yet and I’m starting to get a little antsy. No word when it comes to mechanics isn’t a good thing. It usually means they are searching for the problem and the longer it takes to find out what’s wrong the higher the cost of the overall bill. Sigh.

My shoulders are killing me from my massage last night. I remember when I used to think people went for massages to relax. Ha. That’s never been the case for me. These concrete shoulders of mine make sure of it. Oh and my forearms are so sore to the touch I could cry if you accidentally brush them. My massage guy said they were super tight and they might bruise from the treatment (they haven’t but it takes a helluva lot to make me bruise). Speaking of my massage guy I have come to realize that I just cannot stay quiet during these treatments. I mean I don’t initiate the talking they do which used to stress me out and I dropped a massage person because of it but the older I get apparently the wiser I get. I no longer stress out or worry about keeping the conversation going etc. They are bored – they chat and I occasionally answer. If we fall silent I am okay with that. It’s nice to learn lessons as we get older.

I was supposed to go for bloodwork this morning but having no car but the kibosh on that. I hope to go tomorrow morning before work. I say hope but really mean I have to. My doctor needs the results by my appointment on Monday and going tomorrow is pushing it. I had laughably set my alarm for 5:55 this morning to work out – yah it was hard enough getting up at 6:30 so that didn’t happen. I will have to force myself to squeeze it in tonight. Not sure when I will work out tomorrow due to said blood work and after work I am heading to the movies with C.

Wow I almost forgot to mention an announcement from my baby brother! He told us on the weekend that he has submitted an application to the ministry. Yup my baby bro is following in my dad's steps and our grandfather's and is going to become a minister! I can't say I am overly shocked. I'm shocked in the sense that it's a huge life change and they are so brave to do this now at this time in their lives.

July 10th 10:10pm

Okay I can now wrap up this entry! Our car turned out to have NOTHING wrong with it. Yah it started just fine for our mechanic. We have since figured out it probably has something to do with the after market alarm system that was put in it by the previous owner (idiot). We talked about having it removed but have worked out it would probably cost a few hundred and since we didn't pay that much more for this car we don't want to put that much into it. It's a good car though and we just have to keep an eye on this stupid alarm system. Keith thinks he may have hit the button by accident and thus sending the car into panic mode (doesn't start) but of course he didn't recall doing this until after all this went down. Live and learn. I don't resent having the day off on Monday. (Plus our mechanic is awesome and didn't charge us a dime)

Now we are having an impromptu party tomorrow! About 8 adults and 4 kids. Crazy. But even crazier is the fact that we are pretty much prepared. Keith spent a lot of time outside making our backyard presentable since we rarely go back there. It looks amazing! I've been cleaning inside tonight not that we expect people to hang out inside cause it's supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow! But ya never know so gotta make the house sparkle - that will be tomorrow morning's chore - spit n' shine everything up!

Alright now it's time to climb into my pj's and watch my shows! G'night!

10:12 p.m. - 2015-07-10


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