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Living for the weekends! Next!

I must remember to turn chat off on fb! I thought I had but nope. I am chatting right now with my sil and my next door neighbour. So much for going upstairs to sit outside in the cool breeze with my book - ah well mosquitos are probably out anyway - they were last night!(I can't stop scratching!)

So let's see time to catch up! So our bbq last weekend was a success. Everyone had a good time. The music was the worst part though - ironically enough since that's why we had the bbq in the first place. But the company more than made up for it. At the end of the night T dumped a bunch of chips on our lawn rather than throw them in the garbage - she was tipsy so she didn't care that I yelled at her not to. Later on when it was just Keith and I chatting outside after everyone left I looked down and there was a black and white animal. I asked Keith if it was my worst fear (skunk) or a cat. It was a skunk. I got up and booked it inside. Thankfully the skunk waddled away (it was huge).

Last week was my doctor's appointment and it didn't go as well as I hoped. Apparently I gained a few pounds (boo) but my sugar's were "marginally better" according to my doctor who doesn't like to dole out compliments. He did commiserate at one point with me about losing weight as I guess he's gained a few himself and is trying to get rid of it.

This weekend we went to our neighbours hobo party. There were about 6 or 7 couples and a whole gaggle of kids running around. The kids were pretty good as the majority of them went to the water park up the hill from our house. I wished I could have went with them as it's been crazy hot. It was a great meal cooked over the fire with everyone contributing food and helping to get it ready. We stayed til 11 when people started to leave so did we. Keith was bagged. I thought about staying solo but wasn't that comfortable doing so. There was just going to be a small group and they have known each other forever. I didn't want to be that person sitting not getting any of their jokes. Maybe it wouldn't have been that way I don't know. I just get shy in certain situations.

Although now my neighbour is talking about the 4 of us getting together sometime soon - and pinning me down for dates etc. I told Keith earlier that I thought she would want to be friends but her schedule would be way too busy as she opened a business last year but apparently I'm wrong! She wants to solidify this friendship. It's hard for adults to become friends isn't it? It's not like kids or teens. Our lives are already pretty solid with routine and the people in our lives. I do like these people and she makes me laugh I'm just not sure what we have in common. She's a mom of 3 and seems super busy. But on the other hand it would be pretty cool to have a good girl friend directly across the road. I guess I'll just have to see where this takes us. The night before the hobo party I had dreams about going (anxiety ridden cause I'm a nerd like that) and then last night when I went to bed I had dreams of the people I met! Man I'm crazy.

Uh-oh she's talking playing cards. I guess I could learn. Okay time to wrap this entry up. Wrap my fb chat up and head to bed!

Oh we've finally decided to call someone tomorrow about looking at our AC. 2 years later and we're on it!

9:10 p.m. - 2015-07-19


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