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Long weekend #2 of the summer

Another (long) weekend bites the dust. Not looking forward to going back to reality (work) tomorrow. It was an excellent (4 day) weekend if I do say so myself.

This past week on Tuesday I met up with my ex belly dance girl to see Magic Mike. We had dinner, chatted and then went over to the theatre and oops it was sold out. Now I did mention that it was cheap Tuesday and might sell out but I was pooh-pooh'd and it was really hard not to say I told you so. Fine I did say it but not all smarmy like. We then made a quick decision to see the movie on Thursday and bought tickets on the spot for 2 days later. Big commitment for us. So Thursday I went back and saw it with the girls. The theatre was pretty packed but we were there early and had good seats. It was a fun time.

Friday I was supposed to meet C and T at the mall to have dinner and hang out for some girly time but C cancelled as her dog was sick. T has been on meds (antibiotics) for a couple weeks thus not really drinking and I think her mind cleared enough to realize how much C annoys the shit out of her. She's back to drinking so here's hoping she goes back to feeling 'meh' about C. C can be a handful and she's a pretty negative person and one who really likes to cry wolf about leaving her husband and moving out but she does squat and it all blows over and frankly we are both sick of it. I remain her friend because deep down she's not a bad person and yes she's been negative since I've known her but the older she gets the worse she seems to be. I do hope she finds true happiness someday.

So I called home and told the hubby I would pick up pizza for dinner and he was happy. Saturday we got up and headed out for the day. We went on one of our adventure days. Got in the car and just drove - the weather was perfect for it. The humidity was gone and it was a gorgeous day. We had a great day and ended up having dinner in the Falls at our favourite restaurant. We covered a lot of ground!

Sunday we called off our beach day after looking at the weather - it was beautiful but called for some serious thunder storms later in the day. We did go out to a movie though which was great as Keith hasn't been to one in months. We saw inside out - a very cute movie that I may have shed a tear or two (twice). Oh before we left we cleaned the house top to bottom as it was date night with our neighbours. When we got home Keith prepped dinner and we waited for the neighbours to arrive. Now see when I had chit chatted with the neighbour it was just for them to come over - so I said around 7 - then she asked if she could bring anything to dinner. Um what? So that's how we learned they were coming for a meal!

Keith bbq'd shrimp and we had couscous along with some grilled veggies. Our neighbours brought a cherry pie and raspberry cupcakes (homemade). She also brought sangria (potent). It was a good night and we weren't sure what we would do so we pulled out a few games but then the night passed with the 4 of us just chatting in our basement until it was midnight and they headed home.

Monday the weather was iffy - another threatening thunderstorm but we decided to head out early to the beach as we had to leave early anyway (Keith's bedtime was at 6). So we packed the car and headed out. The beach was sparse and people were covered in head to toe and wrapped in blankets and towels. But around 11ish the sun came out full force and stayed right up til we had to go (what power we have!). We drove home and stopped to pick up pitas for dinner. Keith went to bed and I layed down for 5 minutes and woke up 30 minutes later - whoops. Then I got up and caught up on some tv before I went to bed at 11.

Today I tried my darndest not to do much and I think I did a pretty good job! I only left once to get a coffee. Although poor Keith had a 15 hour work day which totally sucks. He forgot I wasn't working and came home with dinner which was funny and thank goodness I didn't take the initiative and make anything! Go laziness!

Tomorrow it's back to work but at least it's only a 3 day work week. It's also my dad's birthday and my family is having a party for him. It hurts that I can't make it and I won't lie part of me wanted to call in sick tomorrow and be there. But it's a dinner party as in evening and Keith and I couldn't go if we wanted to. Now if it had been an afternoon party at my older's brothers I totally would have ditched work. Sigh. I will be seeing my dad this weekend at our family reunion but I won't have a gift as we are all going in on a big tv for him and they are giving it to him tomorrow. Yup sure feeling melancholy about this gotta stop talking about it.

Speaking of melancholy Keith totally tricked me into watching an anime show with him. Not sure how it started but I've watched pretty much all of the first season of this show. At least it has a plot line and holds my interest but he sure is tricky.

Alright I should probably wrap this and head up to bed soon. Gonna be hard to get up tomorrow for work I can already tell that. Although I did wake up at 6:30 this morning - got up - put out the garbage and recycling - and then went back to bed for 2 hours!

9:35 p.m. - 2015-08-04


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