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Say goodbye to the Funk!

It's Friday and even though Funk and Friday both start with an F I am only feeling one of them today - Friiiiiiday! That's right I am feeling better about things today. I think it helps to write things out in here - like purging the soul. I got out the negativity and such and have made room for better things. Like Friday. ;)

I came home to find Keith looking at vacations for our trip in October. We are going away for our 10th Anniversary and want to make it a good one as we know it will be a while before we go away again. We thought we found a nice resort but reading the reviews they are awful! Bad food I can sort of put up with cause I really don't expect too much and tend to lean towards food I know and can trust (ie not experimental at all). But this place sounded run down even though the pictures they show of the rooms are top notch - of course. Just keep looking I guess.

But the best part is while Keith was looking I was booking stuff for our vacation in two weeks' time. Yup we are still going States side - hurrah! Where are we going you ask? Pittsburgh! Why? My answer to that is why not? Although really it's because it's a 5 hour drive from us which is totally doable. So far I have booked our hotel (a few weeks ago actually) and have booked us a dinner cruise and have maybe booked us a land/water tour (I say maybe cause their stupid site says to call to confirm your reservation!) How stupid is that?! Why bother having booking thru the internet if you have to call and make sure it worked? Tres stupide.

But i'm in too good a mood to care about that detail right now. I will call tomorrow morning to confirm it.

Tomorrow is my family reunion. I am making devil'd eggs - getting the mix ready here but not filling the eggs til it's time to eat - I want to keep everything nice and chill and not have to worry about the eggs tipping over etc. I also made rice crispy squares just now. I forgot how easy they are! Messy but easy! I am going to bring those too.

I think I am just happy that now I can start making my lists for our trip! Next weekend we are with my younger brother and his fam and then Keith and I transition into our vacation which is nice but a lot of packing and organizing to do - basically 2 separate events one right after the other. The first trip is 3 days then the next trip is basically 4 days. Ack the lists are begging to be put down on paper as I speak!

One annoying thing though - my laptop is driving me apeshit. The mouse touchpad is not working - we think because of a driver or some such nonsense from windows 10 - I don't know but Keith does. But basically it just annoys the crap out of me and I have to plug in my mouse so I don't throw this laptop out the window!

But back to happy stuff - time to go and kick back, throw in a load of laundry (hope it doesn't get ruined by random bleach - yah our washer currently belches out bleach on random loads and ruins our clothing - and no we don't use bleach!) We have already started to look for a new set (the dryer isn't far behind we're sure). But yah laundry and recorded shows then bed at a decent hour as I want to get a crap load done tomorrow morning while Keith is at work. Wish me luck. Oh and working out isn't one of them!!

8:47 p.m. - 2015-08-07


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