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Thursday's ramblings:

I am on the cusp of vacation which I believe everyone knows is so exciting you want to pee your pants – no? Just me? Okay then. I could just be super excited that this is not a stay-cation which hey I love beyond words but there’s just something about plans and getting ready for those plans to give you a kick of excitement. I have SO much to do but at the same time I am moving at a turtle’s pace because I become overwhelmed. I get caught up in finding the smallest thing and will spend an hour on searching for an item while precious time passes and I am getting no further ahead. I think it’s a trick my body does because I have a hate/love thing with getting ready at the last minute. I hate it but I think I also secretly love it. Why else would I put myself through this? Oh right I’m a procrastinator.

Speaking of which. Last night rather than pack I spent probably 2 hours on decorating a cake. This is the cake pan Keith and I bought a year ago of Hulk Hogan and we are going to make it for my younger brother’s birthday. Today was my treat day at work so I thought it would be ‘neat’ to do a dry run of this cake. Uh yah not so ‘neat’. It was hard. I’ve never attempted to make a cake of a person in my life not sure why I thought I'd be a pro! I couldn’t stop laughing at the end result. I nearly threw in the towel and picked up donuts instead this morning but I brought it in and to my surprise people loved it. Now they laughed cause it’s not the best looking but my courage got bolstered and I know what I will do differently next time. I figure I will have to do 1 more dry run before his b-day in November.

Also last night rather than pack I went outside and sat in the dark on my back deck. Now I live in the city so it doesn’t get too dark with street lights and what not and I wanted to give this meteor shower a fair shake. I was out there about 15 minutes when I was about to call it a night when BAM one flew right above me and it….was breathtaking. Well I got comfy again and sure enough about another 15 minutes I saw another one! I then called it a night cause I was pretty cold and I was just happy I had seen 1 let alone 2!

Okay the notes are coming fast and furious right now! Every few minutes I think of something to pack to buy or to do and must write it down. I mean I’d probably remember but it puts my mind at ease by writing it down plus the trip just seems that much more tangible and closer!

I’ve got it narrowed down to 4 pairs of shoes plus 1 pair for the pool area. So 5. But still that’s pretty good. I mean I can totally justify it with the whole plantar fasciitis thing. Gotta take care of my feet!

I’ve decided not to beat myself up about exercising this week – if I do it great – if not it’s not the end of the world. I’m on vacay starting Saturday so no point in getting worked up about it. That said this morning I turned off my exercise alarm and reset it cause I had stayed up too late (see meteor shower above) but then I was laying there thinking of stuff anyway so I got up and worked out. Go me!

I have a bitter lemon today – it was bitter yesterday as well which makes sense since it’s the same lemon (I cut it in half). I just thought my taste buds were off yesterday but nope it’s the lemon. It sure makes getting 2L of water into me hard when you hate the taste of your work water and your lemon is making it worse not better!

Friday's oh so rambled thoughts:

I am in the thick of it now! I am beyond exhausted. I am beyond caring if we forgot anything. I am DONE with packing!

I woke up feeling crappy this morning - pretty sure it's allergies. I got all my work done by noon so I decided to call it a day. Of course it's not that type of office so I had to play up the allergies bit but I knew I couldn't sit for 4 hours twiddling my thumbs knowing how much I had left to do.

I am so glad I left I would be sitting here at home in the corner rocking and weeping quietly if I hadn't. Or more likely lying on my bed sleeping with a dozen kleenex surrounding me because of these damn allergies!

Alright time to get back to packing - yah did you really think I was done? You're never done til you're pulling out of the driveway and even then you slam on the brakes and run back into the house for 'one more thing'.

C'est la vie - it's vacation time! Let's have fun!

8:50 p.m. - 2015-08-14


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