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Vacay Recap

Sore and tired. Signs of a good vacay? You bet. Although the sore I didn't really bank on but that was due to the fun of last night. More on that in a bit first a recap of my week off!

We started off our vacay Saturday when Keith got off work (a few hours later than normal). We were supposed to go to his sister's for a b-day party for one of our nephews. Due to Keith getting done work late we had to text them and let them know we would be showing up a few hours late as there was no way Keith could go without a nap. Eventually we were on our way and made it in time for dinner and cake (perfect timing) and then it was time to head to Toronto for the weekend. We stayed with my younger bro and his family in a condo - right downtown - for 3 nights. It was squishy but fun. We didn't have the late nights I had envisioned as we were all bush wacked at the end of every day. Sunday we went to Marvel Live with both my brothers and their kids. Monday we went to Centre Island and spent the whole day at the amusement park. Tuesday was pack up day and I got emotional leaving my fam. But once on the road again I was excited for the second part of our vacay.

After a quick stop at home to dump our luggage and grab fresh pre-packed luggage we headed on the hwy to Pittsburgh. The drive there was uneventful which was nice. We had a very laid back drive and it was nice to sit beside my hubby for so many hours just chatting away the whole time. The weather was cloudy and overcast which was great as it was humid so it cut down how hot we were in our non air conditioned car. We made it to our hotel about 7:30 that night.

The next 3 days went by in a blur and we were in hardcore tourist mode! The biggest complaint I had were the crazy highways there. The on ramps downtown were ridiculous. We had a few stressful freak out moments while I drove and Keith navigated. But most of the time we managed to keep our cool even while missing half our turns! It was a great week and the hi-lite for me was our dinner cruise. It was a super fun night and the views were spectacular from the water. It was also super sweaty hot and sitting in air con while looking at these views was awesome! Thankfully on the day we left the humidity had broke and it was a comfortable drive home with many stops as we decided to just stop when the whim struck us.

We made it home Friday evening around 9:30. We stopped for food and I stupidly tried the lobster sub at subway and it was disgusting. Lesson finally learned. Only fresh lobster will do for this girl!

Saturday I unpacked and did a few loads of laundry while packing an overnight bag as I was being picked up at 6pm to go to Toronto for a girls night. T's cousin lives in a condo downtown (again downtown) and her condo offers suites you can rent for really decent prices (you have to book months in advance though). There were 3 of us to go and I am so thankful I didn't have to drive but not for the reasons you think. Before I left I called my mom as she had called to catch up and also say goodbye as they were leaving for Nova Scotia today. She then proceeded to tell me how my dad went to the hospital earlier in the week. He was having problems breathing whenever he laid down. Turns out it's congestive heart failure which made my heart almost stop when my mom told me this. I don't know if she's downplaying it for my benefit or if the specialist they saw was that reassuring but apparently he was cleared to go on their vacation today. He has some new pills and strict instructions as well as more tests when he gets back. I was pretty gutted after talking to my mom and my head was totally in no space to drive and concentrate in Toronto traffic. I gave T a heads up cause I knew my mood would be low for a bit and we have a habit of razzing each other (think mean girls) and she didn't need me bursting into tears if she made a snarky comment to me. She was actually super nice on the drive down and I did manage to put those 3 words out of my head - at least for a while.

We had a crazy ass time and I got stupidly drunk - so did T and our other friend J. The cousin not so much. At 1am we finally decided to go out so we quickly got 'done up' and made it to the bar in time for a few drinks before last call. It was a very interesting night and I don't plan to write many of the details down here. I told Keith a few of them and I'm pretty sure he's hesitant to let me have any more girl nights in the big city (concerns for my safety being the biggest). I have a run off mouth sometimes when I'm telling my hubby about my weekend. I am very bad at staying mum since I tell him pretty much everything. Although I'm kind of regretting not deleting a few pics on my camera but the girls yelled at me not to (those girls and what they get men to do!). Definitely not fb friendly! Oh the sore was from going over on my ankle on the way to the bar. My other leg is sore on my upper thigh and I have no idea why - maybe trying to sleep on a couch plays a part - who knows?

3 of us were in very rough shape this morning but that's what happens when you get home at 4am and get up at 9am. The room was spinning when I got up. Oh alcohol you evil spirit you. Eventually we all pulled through and even managed a quick swim in the pool before hitting the road at 1pm.

I spent the afternoon trying to do as little as possible. I did this successfully by sitting outside with my book.

Now it is back to the real world tomorrow. And with that it is time to shut this down and finish getting ready for tomorrow. Specifically I have to find my work badge. Can't enter the building without it and unfortunately that's not a valid reason to call out of work for! Back to the real world for another 2 weeks - then I will have another week and a few days off - which actually work out to 12 days off in a row (booyah). That will be a staycation though which I am a-ok

8:35 p.m. - 2015-08-23


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