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Another Rib filled weekend

Friday's words:

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and last night sort of proved that. I went to a bbq with my ex bellydance girls and at the end of the night our teacher did a ‘photo’ of everyone’s aura or what have you (I totally don’t know what I’m talking about with this subject). There were 3 of us including myself that she did. And we all sat there for each other’s ‘reading’ if you will. Basically it was easy to see if it was accurate or bs and man was it accurate! It’s this machine and you put your hand on it while it does a reading then it does this color thing for how you are inside and then does a few charts. I was the last to go and I’m going to admit I was a bit afraid of it all. Not sure why I just was. During the explanation I turned completely red and everyone started to get a bit worried but I think it was nerves and the fact that I hate to be the centre of attention sometimes. But there were 3 main categories mind, body and spirit and my mind was like 50% while body and spirit made up the rest equally. I was at first surprised but upon reflection I really wasn’t. I have been inside my head so much for the last while – always thinking – always planning – always worrying. My body and spirit haven’t been top priority and it showed. Freaky. My aura was HUGE which means if I was walking down the street people would be more likely to come up to me (I also have a bleeding heart so yah I guess that goes hand in hand). And something about my throat – the color was off which meant healing or a sore throat. I don’t have a sore throat so I guess we’ll go with healing. It was all very interesting and yes you take it with a grain of salt but it was weird how it pinned all 3 of us quite accurately – even though we like hanging out together we are 3 Very completely different people and the readings showed that.

Oh and my dreams decided to mock me last night. I have this daydream/fantasy what have you and in my dream I sort of dreamt it – the actual scenario – and it totally mocked me by turning out the way reality would. Yah I’m being vague but dreams are boring and daydreams are personal so that’s that. Just know I laughed when I woke up and realized what a bitch my dream self is.

I had a pretty heated email exchange with my friend C this week. Her nose was out of joint cause I was in T dot with T and our other friend (C doesn’t actually want to go but likes to be invited We don’t invite her on the off chance she says yes cause she’s a wet blanket at certain events and even she knows it!). This was a fun drinking event as I wrote about so definitely no C. Well she was giving me grief over ‘enabling’ T and her drinking. So I just let her have it. I basically said we all have our vices, mine eating crap even though I got the Type 2, T drinking and C herself smoking. So so so much I could say about it all but what it boiled down to was free will and we can support each other while not exactly endorsing each other’s vices as well. I apparently did a good job cause I think C was impressed by my arguments. Oh and I’m pretty sure she was going to give me the freeze out except in my original email I brought up my dad’s health issues and even she’s not that cold hearted to be mean to a person who’s going through family issues.

Sundays words:

So the weekend is over. Two days goes by fast. Saturday evening we headed to rib fest to meet up with C and her hubby and T and her fam. T for once was the first one there - you know an hour earlier than she told us she could make it. That woman. She's good at twisting things. She pointed out how other years she shows up and we're half done eating. She chooses to forget a) she shows up an hour later than she tells us and b) she is the one who tells us to eat without her! Whatever it's over and done with. We all had a good time even though I couldn't find a cotton candy dealer this year - wth? I wanted to buy some and share it with the 2 year old. Would have been cool. C is going through health issues. Something about her liver not working correctly. According to her the doctor has no idea what is going on. I hope everything's ok with her and I feel like the worst friend cause a part of me is sure she's drama queening this drama. Bad friend.

Today Keith and I went out and made an expensive purchase - a new stove. We had one in mind but it was on back order til October 1st. Um no. We paid a bit more but we are picking it up Sept 2nd. Much better.

And that's all. I spent way too much time looking up hotel rooms tonight. I decided I wanted to go away for the night for my b-day and I'm looking up hotels. I keep going between super cheap and midprice which would mean a king bed and jacuzzi tub. I decided to shut down my search tonight which is huge for me cause I'm an impulse booker (always with free cancellation though!). I will pick up the search tomorrow on my lunch at work. For now I am going to bed! Night.

10:31 p.m. - 2015-08-30


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