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Vacay for life!

Okay. I am sure eventually I will get bored and want to go back to work maybe another 6 months or so? Yah I wish. I am enjoying the hell out of this vacation of mine. I am even managing to be semi productive and have worked out most days so go me!

Although I do wish I was more productive house wise. I started a project - cleaning out the storage/laundry room. I dragged several totes out - went through them and even got rid of a lot of stuff. The problem is there are several more - no a dozen more - totes and I have lost ambition to do more. I am going to try and do some more tomorrow but we'll see. I mean I do still have 5 more days of vacay! But tomorrow hopefully kicks off the birthday fun.

I think I mentioned that this year I wouldn't be going to the horse races for my birthday but Keith told me that he wanted to take me tomorrow - as long as it doesn't rain it's going to happen! Then Monday evening I am going out with T and C - dinner and bowling. Tuesday - my birthday - I will kick it off with a massage and then later that day Keith and I will drive to the Falls and stay overnight. Wednesday we'll make our way back home and then Thursday back to work for 2 days. Then Saturday it will be home to my parents for my birthday weekend with my fam. Just thinking of all to come I feel pretty blessed.

This week started off wickedly HOT - disgustingly HOT. It was super uncomfortable. I even went to the mall on Tuesday expecting a nice air conditioned afternoon to wander around and boy was I pissed to find half the mall super warm. So much for not sweating! I still had a good day - it was my luxury me day. I did a bit of shopping at the mall - then drove to an upscale thrift store and spent a lot of money (for me) on several wonderful fall items. Then I took myself to a movie where it was - finally - blissfully COLD! It was a super nice vacay day.

Alright enough of an update I need to go back to binge watching Girls. I started watching it last night and am almost done season 1.

7:19 p.m. - 2015-09-11


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