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Birthday Fun & Anniversary (book it danno) fun

This weekend was just....I don't know if I can even put it into words but to sum it up with one word...that would be 'Fantastic'. Now I tend to hate braggy posts by people about 'oh my life is so great' blah blah blah. My weekend had ups and downs like all days do. It's just my heart was filled with so much love and happiness with my husband. It's no secret we lead basically separate lives during the week. Him going to bed at 6pm leaving us ONE hour a day together. It takes it's toll. Sometimes it feels like we lose that closeness and we tend to spend the one hour we are together being grumpy towards each other and bickering about money or a messy kitchen etc.

This weekend my husband sacrificed sleep and seriously messed up his sleeping schedule to take me to the horse races cause he knew how happy it would make me. We had such a great time at the races. We got there for the 3rd race and placed our $2 bets. We continued to lose at every race. By race 6 it was getting late and we were done and then I saw race 7 and had to play one last race! I put my $2 bet on horse #4 (my favourite number) who's name was Mr. Carrotts. How could I not? He started in dead last and I could't help but laugh at this. I stopped laughing as they rounded the corner towards the finish line and my horse just gave it's all and began to pass all the others - inches from the finish line my horse and #3 crossed almost together. They had to replay it several times but Mr Carrotts won by a snout! I didn't even care about how much I won I just was happy my horse came in first and I could jump up and down. Amateur that I am. BTW I made $16.80 from that race.

We then went into the casino for an hour. Keith played his $5 for that hour while I played my $10. Huge gamblers. He walked out empty handed and I walked out $20.05 richer. I was on a high!

Today we had a long overdue do absolutely nothing day! We lived off of the huge pot of chili we made yesterday. We didn't even shower! Totally decadent!

It was just a very loving weekend that made me feel super close to my husband in ways that I feel have been missing lately. We laughed so much and smooched even more. If I was a cartoon I'm sure I would have little hearts in my eyes right now.

But we did spend a helluva lot of money and hitting that button on the internet almost made me hyperventilate. We finally chose a resort for our vacation October 4th. It's a lot of money to throw down for a week away. But we made the decision to go for it this year in honour of our 10th wedding anniversary. We've been socking away money for the last several months so we'll have most of it paid off which I must give credit to my husband for. We looked at so many resorts and read so many reviews! We are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican. I am psyched but I think it has to sink in a bit before the total excitement overtakes me. We haven't gone on a vacay of this kind in several years. I also have to remind myself not to put too much thought into the 'journey' to the resort ie flying! I am not a great flyer and I just have to not get myself worked up about things I can't control or worry about where we are sitting and if we are sitting together etc. We are in talks about paying extra in choosing our seats to have piece of mind that we are sitting together. I think I may tell him to go for it. If another $100 for there and the return flight takes away the majority of my anxiety it may be worth it.

Tomorrow I am getting together with C and T. We are going to eat lobster and then going bowling. Let the birthday celebrations continue!!

8:01 p.m. - 2015-09-13


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