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Tuesday 3:20pm

I made it to work today! No small feat let me tell you. I woke up congested as all get out and so tired but as the saying goes “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Don’t use up all your sick days actually being Sick!”. One of those two sayings got me going. It was a struggle not to come to work in my pj’s – and I mean a struggle – so I compromised and wore the loosest comfiest pants that I could get away with at the office. Yup elastic waist and all. I’m presentable – enough.

I’m also in major Christmas mode. Yah apparently I’m skipping Halloween! Okay not really but until Keith gets off his duff and limps his way through hauling all the Halloween totes out then I am gonna concentrate on the next big holiday.


I made it thru the whole day - in fact once I put my desk into stand up mode and was standing for a while I was feeling pretty good. It also may have coincided with taking a dose of cold pills but whatev I'll take it.

I'm debating doing nano wrimo this year. I skipped it last year but I think I'm ready to try again. I don't think I'll start a new book though - I got some past ones still on the go (don't worry I will only count the 'new words' in my word count and won't cheat).

I'm chatting on fb with my sister in law and my neighbour but my neighbour isn't as chatty as my sil. I was asking sil about November b-day parties for her daughter and my brother ie a good weekend to have it. Only afterwards did I realize I totally was skipping her birthday this month (28th) my bad!

Oh and my other sil text me earlier and told me she was in a car accident. She was t-boned. Sounds like she was alone in the car. She hurt her back and last I heard she was at the hospital getting it checked out. They just got a new vehicle but luckily it happened in their older model. But an accident always shakes you up. I just hope she's okay. My dad was telling me about their new vehicle cause my parents helped co-sign it. I think he wanted to explain why they could afford it or whatnot. He also told me that he and my mom are going to sell their house in the Spring and move in with them. Until a place in the retirement home opens up. I think it's great they are moving in together. I'm sure it will take getting used to though. I know the health troubles my dad has is making my parents think about things differently these days. Plus I'm sure deep down my dad wants to set my mom up in a good space if anything were to happen to him.

Alright enough of that. If I cry now I'll never be able to breath (congestion and crying do not go together).

The reason I'm pushing my sils for a birthday party date is because my friend S wants to come visit us in November and I want to make sure the weekends don't collide. But I just realized I better get on the baking of my second hulk hogan cake! I wanted to try a different way of icing. Maybe I will do that this weekend. No scratch that - I will do that this weekend! There is no try! Um unless I'm still sick cause nobody will want to eat the cake then!

I will make it Saturday and ice it Sunday. Friday evening I plan on shopping - book shopping. It's the annual book sale and I am going - without C who is being a wet blanket. I want to convince Keith to go on Sunday as well as that's the day they have all books for $1.

Time to wrap this entry up and go and self medicate. I got a dry annoying cough that is going to try and keep me up I just know it!

8:24 p.m. - 2015-10-20


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