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Are we sure it's November?


It is Gorgeous today! The per-fect day to play hooky! Unfortunately I am not doing that. I am at work. I did however dress for the weather and boy did people give me flack. I wore capris and t-shirt along with shoes….without socks (gasp!).

I just got back from taking a short walk outside (I was so dumb – I should have brought my book with me) and it was lovely and no coat at all was needed. And if I really wanted to get all philosophical about people I would say that the naysayers who are wearing their coats outside over sweaters and pants and SOCKS are people who won’t let themselves believe something until they SEE it or FEEL it for themselves. And isn’t that just a little bit sad?

I’m trying to get back into walking in the evenings. I walked Monday – in the dark – cause hey it’s dark out now by 7pm! Last night I walked at 5pm before dinner since Keith can stay up later Tuesday’s. So I got my walk in during daylight hours and headed into the hills behind my house. Tonight will probably be another late(r) night walk so I have to remember to wear my reflective gear – I try and be carefully especially crossing roads.

What else? Not too much going on. Work is work – every day around 3pm I want to throw in the towel and leave this place. Done. So normally I grab whatever book I’m reading and read for a few minutes to get myself out of that head space and some breathing room. It normally works and I can continue on til 4:30. The other day I got home and told Keith I was so close to throwing a hissy fit at work I had to literally step away from my computer. A girl I am on a committee with – a ‘social’ committee’ is pissing me off and dragging her feet with shit and when she does this she gets her way (ie the date we were trying to book is suddenly gone) but there is no concrete proof of this which pisses me off even more and thus makes me want to throw a hissy fit! I’m kind of over it – not the hissy part – the committee – I’m at the point where I’m dusting my hands off and am done trying to plan this next event. Let her do it. She’s gonna do it the way she wants and why get my blood pressure up over it? Speaking of which I better just zip it cause as much as I say I’m letting go of this I feel a responsibility to the membership to keep pushing it forward. Guess I’m not done. But I will take a step back from it. I will continue to email her ‘reminders’ of the fact we have no event and to maybe step up and do something about it. Oh and yes I do realize I’m being THAT person right now and no I don’t feel like apologizing. (Am I sure I’m Canadian?!) Sorry!

Nano Update

Nil. Zilch. Nada. Yah.

8:30 p.m. - 2015-11-04


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