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Ah Sunday - you always make me so sad cause I know Monday is right around the corner crushing on our day. I can't say it was an overly productive weekend but it was a fairly good one in my opinion.

Friday I baked a small cake along with some cupcakes. Around 2 Keith and I headed out for a few hours. We hit our favourite thrift shop where I found a few things to buy (of course I did) then to W-mart and then finally to my neighbours organic market. I had finally ordered a few things from her and even though she said she could deliver them to me (ie walk across the street) I thought it would be neat to check out where the market is and how it is set up. After that it was din time and we stopped for our normal Friday night pizza but this time we went to a fancy (read more expensive) pizza joint and treated ourselves.

Saturday I made sure to rise a bit early so I could go for my walk as I had to be home for 10ish. T's guy finally came over to get the rest of our stove (pipe etc) and was bringing his daughter who I entertained for the next 3.5 hours. We went to the park for a good hour of that and even though it was a bit chilly she loved it. Then it was home where I fed her some lunch and then we played a bit more til it was time for her to head home. Fun but tiring!

For the rest of the day Keith was super tired as he had been up since 1am and didn't get a nap as he helped J put a hole in our house and then cover it properly (I hope!). So it was a low key rest of the afternoon and evening. I finally wrote some for Nanowrimo and he watched some tv shows at least we were in the same room! But at 7 he turned into a pumpkin and had to go to bed without dinner (we left it too late and he felt too bad to eat). So he went to bed then I spent the evening amusing myself and doing laundry - not the best Saturday night I've ever had...but not the worst.

Today we've both been busy in the kitchen. I fooled around with icing my cake and I gotta say I am not a fan of buttercream icing. How fickle. Let's just say it did not end well. Although part of that is my fault as I'm using a crappy icing set - I should have just shelled out the money for a decent one. Keith is making pumpkin pies. He got a free pumpkin after halloween and has gone into baking mode. He's apparently going to make pumpkin muffins as well. Speaking of pumpkin treats I bought a pumpkin scone as part of my market order and was pretty psyched to eat it - sad to say but it was horrible. I couldn't even finish it and that's saying a lot.

So that's about it - all quiet on the home front. I will have to go out tomorrow to Wmart and exchange the baby clothes I bought for the baby shower this weekend, I thought for sure they were having a boy but it turns out - it's gonna be a girl. D'oh!

4:35 p.m. - 2015-11-08


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