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Monday's musing or as I call it procrastinating

A few things I forgot to mention about the weekend:

So a while back my neighbour friend told us how the neighbours beside Keith and I were drug dealers. I really didn't think too much about it cause a) our neighbour friend leans toward the dramatic and b) we've never seen anything untowards. Until this past weekend. Our friend J watched a whole drug deal go down. Great. I'm now super leery about these people. Bad enough they apparently sell this stuff but that means people who are ON drugs are right beside MY house. Gives me the creeps and I'm quite disappointed in them. When we first moved in their father had just passed away. It's a sad situation for sure. And the kicker is we live in a pretty good part of town. On a quiet crescent. I now sort of want them to really move. Forget the sort of.

And to a less dramatic occurence from the weekend - I was on fire Saturday evening for nanowrimo but at one point I lost my "K". I use my laptop but I plug in a real keyboard so I can type easier and quicker. For some crazy reason the K stopped working. I tried several things but nothing. Then a few minutes later bam it was back. It's surprising how many words have a K in it.

I'm in a wee bit of discomfort from my chiro appointment today. He worked on my hip and basically told me I am sitting wrong, sleeping wrong and living wrong. Okay fine not that last one but that's how I felt. I mean I've been in this body over 40 years and have been fine but now the hip is acting like a douche?

I was hesitant to go on my walk tonight and when I walked to the grocery store I considered turning back oh not because I was in pain I was just trying to get out my walk for the night. But walk I did. The difference of walking around a huge city block (40 minutes) that leaves you with no shortcuts and a walking track is that I can't cut my walk short like I can at the track. Keeps me honest I guess! I've been back to walking for 1 solid week now!

Tomorrow is a fake Friday as we have Wednesday off due to Rememberance Day.

Nano update:

Since Saturday? Not much. Ugh. Words I need words!

9:40 p.m. - 2015-11-09


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