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For a Friday the 13th this one has been A-OK!

Good Golly Ms Molly but I am Tired! This week has just been draining. Work wise which is rare for me. There is just a crap load of work and too few people to do it. I think my boss was actually appreciating that I was the only person she could count on to actually be at work, sitting at my desk, doing work. I had originally asked for today off but couldn't get it but yesterday she offered to let me leave an hour early if I wanted to work through my lunch which is a huge no-no at our work place. I declined for a couple reasons a) I no longer needed the time off and 2) working through my lunch and being on phones for two hours straight during the busiest part of the day would have made my head explode. So yah draining week that I am SO glad is over.

I also had a huge lift to my day when I went online the moment tickets went on sale today for Michael. I was confused though cause I chose best available and I was given row 12. I decided to press my luck and hit 'search again' and it came up with row 7. Hm. I did it one more time and it gave me row ONE! WTH? yah I bought those bad boys. Made. My. Day.

Tomorrow I head out fairly early to go to a baby shower. It's at my sister in laws. Then I will drive my mom home and stay the nights at my parents. Sunday I hope to see my cute 2 nephews. I thought I was in luck with not having to rush home Sunday eve so Keith could get to bed at a decent hour but as it turns out I will be rushing home as I have to meet him and his family since we're taking his mom out for her b-day dinner. That's life.

I have procrastinated all night long. Now I have to go pack an overnight bag, wrap a baby shower gift and paint/create my sil's gift. Ah yah I have a feeling a few of these things are going to get left til tomorrow morning cause I will be too busy snoring in my bed!


Do. Not. Ask.

9:05 p.m. - 2015-11-13


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