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Lazy Monday since Lazy Sunday just didn't happen

I meant to exercise tonight. I meant to do a lot of stuff tonight but laziness won out. I'm okay with that. It was a long weekend with not a whole lot of sleep but again that's okay.

Friday after I logged off here I did manage to get all the stuff I needed to get done - done. Saturday I somehow pulled myself out of bed early enough to go out and go for a quick walk before rushing back and loading the car and heading sit in traffic. Man I hate Toronto traffic. Weekend traffic especially. Brutal.

I did make it to the baby shower on time and only had to add an extra hour and a half to travel time. The baby shower was typical baby shower stuff and the majority of time was spent watching the mom to be open all her gifts. Wow so many gifts. A few hours later my mom took me out to dinner. My sil and her mom came along too. It was good although my sil's mom, whom I love, is one of those people who gets antsy when she is out of the house for too long and is pretty much ready to go before she has even sat down. It's a wee bit annoying and I don't know about my mom but I felt a little rushed at the restaurant. None of us finished our meals. In and out in less than hour. Relaxing!

Sunday started out chaotic as I stayed at my parents and many plans were made to figure out who had to be where when etc and it had been decided my parents and I would leave at 8:15 to head and pick up my nephews. At 7:45 my sil shows up with the kids. Yah I don't know why? She gets a little manic with stuff and said she had to drop stuff at the church so she figured she would just drop the kids off as well since she had been up since 4am because the youngest had decided to get up then. She sort of blew the rest of our plans out of the water for the day but as usual it all worked out in the end. The kids had a good time, I had a headache (2 boys - 3 and 5 years of age!) but a fun time was had cause the boys love their aunty! We made it home by 1:45 (I had to leave by 2pm) I didn't leave til 2:15 after a quick lunch and a ton of hugs. Then I drove like the wind to make it home for 5pm. I was due to be early til an accident shut down the highway I was on and after sitting in traffic for a while I turned around and found an alternate route.

I made it to the restaurant 15 minutes late but as it turns out I was earlier than half the party so woo go me! Keith and I have decided we are no longer fans of this chinese buffet that we used to love. It has become so expensive and you just can't justify spending so much money for sub-par food that you could never eat as much as you are spending. But I don't mind too much as it was nice to spend time with his fam and his mom enjoyed herself.

Today was another tiring day at work but thankfully my co-workers were back so I could bounce my problems off of and just commiserate with me in the insaneness of everything that is going on right now. I look forward to a much quieter day tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Now it is time to go collect the garbage to go out in the morning (it's my job) and then get ready to head to bed!

10:08 p.m. - 2015-11-16


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