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I wrote the entry below this morning. It is now almost 10pm and I have so much left to do. Let's just say the Spirit is willing but the body...not so much! Funny how a 1.5 hour dental appointment totally threw me off track.



It’s almost go time! So many lists floating around. Although ironically one of my bad habits is when something pops into my head that I need to remember to do or to pack etc rather than write it down I say to myself ‘oh I will definitely remember that!’. Then later I find myself racking my brain to remember what ‘that’ was. Surprisingly I do this a lot. I just find this pretty odd for a person who loves her lists.

Work is insanely busy which is why I am writing this entry while at work. I need a mental break. I am mostly ready for Christmas. 99% of the gifts are wrapped – even Keith’s. Stockings are done (my parents and Keith). Presents are even sorted – his family – my family. The go-time comes tonight and tomorrow. I have to vacuum out our car (x-mas tree needles) and then bring up all the stuff to the front room so I can pack it tomorrow when I get home from work. I got my extra baking in last night – last minute add ons for gifts. Then just 101 odds and ends that need to be done before we leave tomorrow afternoon.

The hardest person to shop for this year was my dad. His health issues make me leery of buying him anything food related especially candy. I can’t buy my parents ‘stuff’ as they are downsizing and selling their house this year. I don’t want to just give a gift card as I get my childlike love of presents from my dad cause he loves opening gifts. Sigh. Up to the last minute I am racking my brain to get him 1 more special thing.

It’s odd when I hear and read about others who don’t have the same views I have about Christmas. Maybe it’s due to their circumstances or due to their beliefs or even just what they have come to see Christmas as. I mean I know it’s a ‘commercial holiday’ and that so much emphasis is put on gifts and stressing about giving the right things (see above). But for me, being with family and friends and being amidst the chaos is the only way I’ve ever known Christmas. It’s one big crazy day and the older I get the more I appreciate the people in my life and want to show them that. We don’t go crazy with gifts in my family. In fact we have a limit of $10 a person (although we get around that by coupling up). It can still get pricy when you figure 15 – 20 people to buy for (one side only). But then there are people who go out and buy electronics and phones and gift cards costing way more than my whole limit on 20 people. To each their own.

I admit I do get caught up in the busyness of Christmas day and I may even get cranky when certain family members try and make me do stuff (ie kitchen duty!!). I will slug chairs and tables and sweep and mop but I despise being in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning. Oh I will help out make no mistake but when I am chosen over a man to do these things I get pissy. This year I am just going to have to suck it up. Times are changing. People are getting older. Children are growing up. I have to relax more and let things go. Help out when I can. It’s 1 day a year. Unless you count Thanksgiving but let’s not go there. I just have to learn to appreciate the hell out of each moment I am surrounded by the chaos of family. Talk to my extended family more when we are all together. Take more pictures. Laugh as often as I can. Oh and help out in the kitchen when I am ordered…I mean asked.

Happy Holiday's Everyone. All the best to you and yours!

9:56 p.m. - 2015-12-23


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