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Singing and driving - add a coffee and Perfection!

I just re-read my last entry to re-fresh myself on what I last wrote. Let's just say that I have not reached the kick-ass-y stage of 2016 yet. Nope. I have instead developed the mannerisms of a slug. My energy is nil. I sure miss sunshine. And weather that doesn't freeze your snot when you walk out the door. Just saying.

I did have an excellent 4 day weekend last weekend. Let's just say there was an abundance of sunshine. Friday I drove to my younger brother's house and even though it was a 3 hour drive I had an excellent drive down as I cranked my music and performed a concert in my car - I bet I got some strange looks but I didn't even notice - other drivers be damned - I was a solo act! Car singing is very therapeutic - I laughed, I cried and reminisced.

I went to my sil's party for her mom's 75th birthday (I also helped them get ready and babysat for a bit). Saturday evening I headed home and made it home in only 2 hours which was cool cause I was too tired to give a concert while I drove and mostly just concentrated on telling myself I wasn't that tired.

Sunday Keith and I spent the whole day in our pj's and mostly on the couch. We had one of those days that reminds me how much I love being married to him. Monday after he got done work we went and picked out frames for his new glasses. They should be ready in 10 days. I say they because only my husband would think to get 2 pairs of glasses - I was never that smart all the years I wore glasses.

Last week I had a message sent to me on FB from someone who asked if I was the same “insert name here” from “insert name of small town in Nova Scotia” where I used to live. I replied with a simple Yes. She then replied back that she remembers me as I was her first school friend and she remembers coming to my house after school and playing. Here’s the thing. I have no idea who this person is! I don’t recognize the name and didn’t recognize the face (albeit 30 odd years later I’m sure!). I must admit that my memory is poor (I have theories about this) but the fact is I don’t remember many of my friends from grades 1 – 6. I remember neighbourhood friends and close friends that I played with all the time but the odd kid from a class – nope. After that exchanged the conversation just shut down which I am sad to say was fine by me. I have no pics of people back then so I can’t even go back and try and jog my memory.

But that exchange did prompt me to look up an old friend from NS that I used to live beside. She had a unique name and I’m kind of surprised I never looked her up before. I found her within seconds. I sent her a friend request and she accepted. Since I am not on FB every day I sent her a private message with my email address saying I would love to catch up. That was about 6 days ago. So far nothing. Nada. I am trying not to take it personally but I have to tell you it’s hard. We were quite good friends. I mean she flew up to Ontario to see me when we moved here and my dad and I drove her home (you know 24 HOURS one way) as her parents conveniently forgot about the expense of her coming home! But regardless we were good friends and we even communicated through written letters and she sent me pics of her baby son. We obviously lost touch but I thought, maybe mistakenly, that she would want to catch up as much as I would. I sort of don’t know where to go from here. Do I let it be and wait it out for her to respond. Do I send her another message on fb this time sending her a synopsis of my life? She is on fb quite a bit from what I can tell. She posts a lot and seems the type of person who shares her life with the online world. Maybe I'll give it a few more days.

I have a confession of sorts. I am not a big fan of Adele’s. I mean I don’t dislike her but I never really got the hype. She’s a good singer and her songs are pretty good. But I mean when her new hit Hello came out and people were instagraming pics of themselves crying – I could not relate. A few months ago she was on SNL and since my pvr is set to record SNL I watched the show. I even watched her sing which I must admit for most artists I fast forward through. Her first song Hello was good but the second song When We Were Young. Well now. There was something about that song that made me stop and pause. I finished watching the show but did not delete it. In fact there have been several times I have gone back and listened to that song. I have even looked it up online and listened to it. Then this morning…..this morning on my drive to work I heard her singing When We were Young on the radio and I squeeled like a true Adele devotee! Huh. Guess I do like Adele after all.

8:41 p.m. - 2016-01-13


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