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Trying to get my ducks in a row....or at least 1 duck.

I don't really have anything to write about but I was on here catching up on a few of my favourites and decided to hit the 'add an entry' button.

Not much is going on. It's my um god daughter's birthday today. It's weird as I've never actually used that term before. It's T's daughter. She's 3. I am a bad god mother as I forgot the day of her birthday. I do have a gift. Not sure when I'll get a chance to give it to her though. Guess I should make the effort! Maybe I will make a date to hang out with T and her daughter during my week off in March. T takes Monday's off so that could work.

This weekend I am going home to celebrate my mom and my sil's birthdays. My dad is yet again trying to surprise my mom (yet he always ends up telling her). He called me last Friday morning at 7am and gave me a list of people to call. I avoid the phone like the plague. I blame my husband for that. But out of the 5 calls I had to make I managed to get hold of 4 groups so yay - success. (Fine I cheated and used email for 3). Still - success!

Although I'm bummed cause I had this great idea that isn't going to pan out. I was going to first get my mom a duck cake (way to expensive), then I was going to order a cake and get a picture of a duck on it (still pretty pricy) and finally I was going to find a duck shape cookie cutter or mold etc and use it on icecream - but that has become impossible to find. It stems from a story my mom tells about when she was a kid and her friend invited her to her party where she was going to have ice cream ducks. No party existed she just wanted presents. I was going to make ice cream ducks and serve them to my mom but alas it's probably not going to happen. I have one place left from a list I made but it looks like I will have to *gasp* call them since their hours aren't conducive to my work hours. I'll keep you posted!

Alright this entry is short but sweet (ice cream!) time to log off and spend some time with the hubs.

The weather people are going crazy about a snow storm but all day there was nothing. Now it is snowing like crazy - damn I was hoping they were wrong.

7:43 p.m. - 2016-03-01


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