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Time to Spring Forward

First things first let's deal with old business. Luck was in my favour as we did manage to find a duck cookie cutter for my mom's birthday party. Then I went and got horribly sick. I'm now guessing it was the flu. I spent 2 days in bed not eating or moving. Fever, chills and aches. It wasn't pretty. But I survived. That was Thursday and Friday both days I had to call in sick. Saturday I was feeling ok but not great. But as Keith and I were bringing both birthday cakes I really didn't want to cancel and not go. Keith was great. He made both cakes - got all the ingredients and drove us there despite being tired from working and being up since 2am. He's a good man. My mom loved the ice-cream duck. It got a bit overshadowed in the commotion of doling out cake and how chaotic it was but she was touched which was all that matters. I took a pic of it for her and have to get a print so she can show her best friend next time they get together.

By the end of the weekend I had a sinus cold and still felt like crap but at least I could get up and go to work Monday. I also had a wheezy chest at night that Keith really wanted me to get my doctor to look at (spoiler: I couldn't get in to see my doctor til Thursday and guess what it was all but cleared up!).

I went out Wednesday night with my friend S and her guy. They won free tickets to see a musician who played all his instruments - a one man band. He was pretty good but man it was a late night and I'm pretty sure I relapsed a bit in getting healthy. But it was nice seeing S and we finally exchanged x-mas gifts!

I was supposed to have coffee with C Thursday night but she had to cancel as she was sick (I had to cancel the week before due to the same reason!). I was ok with that as I'll be seeing her next week when her T and I get together for dinner.

This past weekend we lose an hour of sleep. I know I'll have no problem going to sleep an hour earlier tonight! Friday I went for my massage (my whole back was effed from all the coughing I've been doing). After that I spent the whole day reading as I started a book that turned into a MUST READ as I could not put it down. Saturday - in between cleaning the house and getting ready for company I read all day.

We were having a girls night to go out dancing but first were starting the party at my place as I'm the closest cab ride to the bar. T and our friend J came over and we 3 drank with Keith until it was time to head out. We got to the bar earlier than we normally do - I think it was about 10:30 and the place was slow. By 11:30 it was rocking but by 12 T was toast. Normally we close the place down but T was feeling quite ill so we got in a cab and booked it home. We had to make a quick stop by the side of the road as T got ill. I'm thinking T should have had more to eat before we got drinking. Most surprisingly was that Keith was still up when we got home and was shocked that we were home so soon. We made sure T was okay then we put that girl to bed. The rest of us soon followed.

Today I woke up with a horrible headache (go figure) but nothing a bagel couldn't cure which was nice. After letting T sleep til almost 11 I had to wake her and remind her that it wasn't 10 like she thought and she had to get up and book it to work. I went out for a while to spend my coupon for undergarments as it was the last day of the coupon that I had just found yesterday. Then Keith and I spent the afternoon becoming one with the couch and binge watching episodes of a sci-fi show of his that I agreed to watch cause I'm a good wife like that.

Now it is almost 9pm and I am ready for bed. I am going to go finish the book I started on Friday (it had better have a good ending) then it's off to dreamland to start another work week. At least at the end of this week I will be starting a week of vacation! 10 days off including Easter holiday!

8:21 p.m. - 2016-03-13


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