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Seriously? Are all my vacations jinxed?

I really think my house has it in for me. Two summers ago I decided to paint our bedroom (first real paint job the house has had from us) and I got super sick but still got it done. This time I decided to tackle what we call our storage room while I was on vacation this week. Guess who got sick?! Yah I woke up Monday with no voice. It came back all croaky but then it went downhill from there and I've been suffering from the regular old cold symptoms - runny nose, congestion, headache etc. So much for getting up every morning walking at the track and then tackling the house! It's all I can do to get out of bed the last few mornings! I sleep like crap at night- coughing and such - so I am definitely not bright eyed and bushy tailed!

I'm also trying not to stress about it. It is what it is. I just have to roll with it. I have got a bit done but nowhere near what I really wanted. Luckily Monday I was still able to go out with T and her daughter. We went to the mall so the little one could run around. We shopped, had a bite to eat in the food court then went to a nearby park where all 3 of us froze while the little one played for about 20 minutes before we called it a day.

Tuesday I had to leave the house for a couple appointments that I had already set up. One was an eyebrow waxing (I am horrible at plucking or else I would do the job myself). I coughed the whole time because I was lying down. Worst timing ever. The poor woman is coming at me with hot wax and I am trying my best not to move/cough. Awkward.

Today I had planned a mini fun outing with the husband as he is off on Wednesday's. We started with breakfast out which is a treat for me as Keith isn't a breakfast person. We then spent the rest of the day gallivanting about going here and there and everywhere. But by the time we were driving home around 4pm I was done. I felt exhausted. Colds are a bitch.

Tomorrow my husband pretty much begged me to get up and meet him at 8am at one of his stops. I would help him for the next 4 hours and make his day shorter by a few hours - according to him. He is still getting up at 2am and going in to work. I told him I will text him when my alarm goes off to make sure I am well enough to go. I anticipate I will be but as my body has showed me this week it has it's own agenda.

Friday he is off. Maybe I will feel well enough to tackle the storage room some more? Especially since several of the boxes are full of Keith's books and he needs to be there to go through them. Here's hoping!

Saturday Keith has to work then after that we will leave to go visit my family. We saw his last weekend for a family b-day party. Not sure if we are staying yet with my brother or with my parents. Either way probably very little sleep will be had. Luckily for me I am off Monday. I will need that extra time to recuperate. And I really don't want to jinx my husband but I sure hope his awesome immune system continues to stay intact because this wife of his seems to be getting sick non-stop!!

8:00 p.m. - 2016-03-23


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