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Jinx! Ah yes guess who is sick? The Mr of the house. Yah I'm not sure if it's MY cold that he got cause he has totally different symptoms. As I told him now I will probably get whatever he has and continue on with my never ending colds. But if I don't get his cold than I am confident in saying I am 95% better. I have a wee bit of a cough left - especially at night - but besides that I'm feeling good.

I did end up going to help Keith with work. I was definitely not feeling it but I have to win wife of the year award so I dragged myself out and partially helped him and partially screwed stuff up for him (forgot to rotate some bread product on the shelves). But according to him I saved him a lot of time. That evening (okay fine late afternoon) we went and out celebrated by getting wings and 2 beers for him (I was dd).

Good Friday we didn't leave the house which was great. Keith made a cheesecake for the weekend. Saturday while Keith was working I did a 101 errands and got us ready for travel. We stayed with my younger brother and his fam. We did have a bit of a scare on the drive down. The 401 was a crawl and we could both hear a rattle coming from the car. At one point we got up to 60km and all of sudden the car made this horrible noise and I had to quickly pull over to the shoulder. It turned out to be a piece of shielding from the car that began to drag and then thankfully fell off when we pulled over. Keith plans on putting the car up this weekend to take a look but so far the car seems ok. As I told Keith the slow going was frustrating but if we had been going any faster that piece of medal could have done damage to us or other cars so I was quite thankful for that slow traffic!

I got to hide eggs again this year for my nephews to find which was fun. They were up bright and early looking for them. The 3 year old was cute as he found a few eggs and then called his basket 'full' and didn't want to look anymore. The 6 year old was fine with that!

Sunday afternoon we had Easter din at the church. It was a lot bigger than I had thought - probably about 40 people. It was a great time as I was feeling so much better thus was a social butterfly - and even *gasp* helped out in the kitchen! The only down side was it was behind schedule so we didn't leave til a lot later than we had planned thus sick Keith went to bed pretty late last night.

Today I did next to nothing because as I told Keith I am mourning the end of my vacation. Back to work tomorrow. I was in a bit of a funk this morning so I did nothing til he got home. Then it was a quick shopping trip and I made my first ever soup from scratch - chicken soup - for Keith. He helped a bit and told me what to do but I executed it!

Now it is time to shut down the house for the night - get the work stuff out and ready and go back to the real world tomorrow. Even with being sick it was a pretty great vacation. I definitely needed that breather from work. And the best part? I only have a 3 day work week as I am off this Friday! I think I can handle that.

9:39 p.m. - 2016-03-28


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