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In my next life I am going to be so organized it's ridiculous!

I thought my night would be spent tearing the house apart looking for medication that I 'misplaced' but lo and behold I found it within the first 10 minutes of looking - I nearly wept. Now I am planning Keith's 42nd birthday party. Well I am getting the word out at least. His mom and I are technically throwing the party but since it's not a surprise I don't have to tiptoe around and worry about Keith finding out. I just made a fb invite and tomorrow I will send out emails to those archaic people not on fb.

I will probably call my parents and tell them as well as email. They get the special treatment. My parents were here on the weekend. They came down for the syrup festival. They arrived Friday afternoon and we fed them a dinner of meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. After Keith went to bed my mom and I played scrabble til midnight (my dad watched tv and made phone calls two things he loves to do). The next morning we headed out a little later than planned which means we totally missed meeting up with C because of course she went a little earlier than planned and barely spent an hour at the festival.

My parents and I wandered the festival. It was chilly but not freezing. We did end up eating at a restaurant serving pancakes and fresh maple syrup - rather than the giant tent. We got to be warm and have a comfy seat - why haven't I ever thought of doing this before? We finally decided to leave around noon and that's when it began to snow - hard. We got on the tractor to take us back to our car and it took over half an hour as half the crowd decided to leave with us and it was a traffic jam. We were cold and soaked by the time we got to the car. But my parents are the best sports ever. In fact I was thinking about this just yesterday. A lot of times people freak out when they realize they are becoming more like their parents. I actually wish I was more like my parents.

In other news Keith and I are car shopping once again. Our corolla has some very major repairs that need to be done and the car was in such bad shape when we got it (for a song) that it's not worth putting the money in. On one hand I'm upset it happened now and on the other I am trying not to get my hopes up that we find a car with air conditioning! But I am not looking forward to searching for a car - it's my least favourite thing to do. I felt bad tonight when my dad was talking about us leasing a car. I never burdened my parents with mine and Keith's financial situation - for a few reasons. First off was that I was embarrassed how far down we had dug ourselves but more recently I realized I also didn't want my parents to help us out. My parents are not well off but they must have been doing something right these last few decades because they have some money and they are always giving us small monetary gifts when they know times are super tight etc. I would never want to put them into a position where I could jeopardize their finances because they wanted to help us out. They are those kind of people especially when it comes to their children. A part of me now wants to share with them some insight into our finances - now that we are a year and a bit to being out of debt for the most part. We'll see if the conversation ever comes up. If it does I want not to hide it anymore.

So that's enough pouring of my soul tonight. I have another 4 day work week this week as I took Friday off as a vac day. Yesterday was a hell day at work. I had such a bad call from a doctor of all people that after the call I threw my headset across my desk which I never do. The guys was just such a major condescending douche to me that it was all I could do not to tell him where to go. Although at one point I did give this very long cold pause because he basically accused me of being incompetent. Oh man I can only imagine if my manager listens to that call - cause after that pause I was quietly efficient and no longer being nice and friendly like normal.

So this weekend will involve car hunting and doing our taxes I imagine. Ah yes our taxes. I have 2 days to find where I put all that stuff. I was very careful when it all came in and put it all in one spot. Let's not tell Keith that I forgot where that spot is. Story of my damn life.

8:51 p.m. - 2016-04-06


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