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April wrap up

No. Way. It is almost May! Where has the time gone? I have almost a whole month to recap. Let's see what have I to report?

- I got a new (to me) car. A black corolla.
- T's b-day: C and I took her out for pedi's and then dinner at Harvey's cause we're classy like that.
- I had another cold the beginning of this week but thankfully it is just about gone!
- I had to go to my doctor to get meds switched as the side affect of a 24/7 cough was getting in the way of just about every part of my life. He wasn't all that sympathetic which made me want to punch him.
- I've been on a reading kick all month and reading books as if it's my job! Some great reads some meh.

Hm is that all I have to report? Pretty boring if you ask me! But things have been pretty quiet lately which is fine by me. May is going to be non stop so I'm a-ok that April was more of a chill one.

Next week I head to my parents after work on Thursday to help them with their huge yardsale on Saturday. They have been downsizing the house and getting ready to put it up for sale. They have been doing so great and I am really proud of them. It's hard to get rid of your stuff I know exactly how they feel - I am exactly like them. My mom is ok getting stuff ready for the yardsale but she doesn't want to be there for it. She will go and watch the grandkids instead.

In other news Keith is raring to go on our basement renovations. He has huge plans but before the ripping up and the tearing down can happen we have a lot of our clutter and crap to deal with. Although I think he has an unrealistic view of how fast I can get the c&c dealt with. Wish me luck in the next 5 days!

9:46 p.m. - 2016-04-29


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