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Yard sales and renovations

This week has flown by. I know it's only Wednesday but tomorrow is my Friday and I am packing for the weekend so to me the week is pretty much over.

I bought a purse last weekend at the farmer's market and today the strap ripped from the purse! I am pissed. I can't return it this weekend so I have to make a special trip the weekend after - she better not give me any grief about it. I don't have a receipt cause she didn't give me one but thankfully I paid debit for it and will bring my statement. Let me tell you I pay debit about one out of every hundred purchases - it's rare is what I'm saying - so thankful I did this time!!

I am a bit nervous to go away this weekend. Not on where I'm headed but on what I'm leaving behind. Keith is gung-ho to start the basement renovations. He is removing the brick in the basement that had surrounded the wood stove we gave away. But he also wants to clear the basement completely out and the way he is going about it gives me a headache. But this is his baby and I'm just gonna let him run with it and help out when I can. I just hope I can find stuff when I get home on Sunday. I probably won't see Keith til Monday after work cause he'll probably be in bed by the time I get home Sunday evening.

I spoke to my mom on the phone tonight she sounded a little down. I know she's come to terms with having the yard sale but I also knows she's sad to see her things go. I get it. I do. I hope my presence will help cheer her up and take her mind off it.

Alright time to put this computer away and go finish packing! I have to pack the car tonight as I am leaving straight from work.

Have a good weekend! And a happy mama's day if you are one!

8:49 p.m. - 2016-05-04


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