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Yardsale chaos with the parents

Well I guess Wednesday is my new update day. Better than once a month! So....last weekend. I drove up to my parents after work Thursday. I left an hour early thus avoiding a lot of the heavy traffic. I had a pretty pleasant drive overall. I got to see my 2 favourite red headed boys when I got to my parents. They were pretty excited to see their auntie and we ended up playing a pretty exciting game using our imagination (the bed was a boat) and we had all sort of adventures til their parents arrived a couple hours later.

Friday was a long day. I helped my mom clean out her kitchen and box more stuff up for their yardsale. My dad rented 8 long tables and all of them were full with boxes underneath! Yah this yardsale was huge.

We had a very long day getting ready for the yard sale and I was barely in bed and asleep at midnight before my dad was waking me up at 5:30 to start getting stuff out. Ugh. Coffee and lots of it. The day went surprisingly well. It was long and my dad started off a bit a shaky at first - he was so overwhelmed and I'm pretty sure doing all he could not to be emotional about it all. My mom had chosen not to be there and left the house at 7am to go be with my sil and the two red heads. But as the morning progressed and people came and spoke to my dad about their moving etc I could see him visibly start to relax. The yardsale was 8 to 2 but we called it at 1:30 as the clouds began to roll in and it looked like rain. We got very lucky with the weather. It started off a bit cool but the sun came out and it was beautiful until the clouds came. We got all the stuff put away in the nick of time.

Bedtime was super early that night. I did manage to get in a quick game of scrabble with my mom after dinner and everyone left. We called it a night around 10pm. It was a very sweet sleep.

The only blip in the weekend was a message from Keith Saturday night. We tend not to really text or talk when I'm away (different schedules etc) but he let me know his dad was in the hospital. Turns out he fell down Friday night when a bunch of his family was out sitting around the fire and drinking. Yah he was quite inebriated. He didn't realize he broke his jaw til he woke up Saturday morning and sobered up.

I had intended not to rush home Sunday afternoon but in light of the news I felt I had to spend some time with my husband so I headed home directly after lunch and made it home just in time for dinner and to spend some much needed time with the hubby. He ended up going to sleep an hour late as we kept talking long after he went to bed.

This weekend I have another 3 day weekend. I have a couple ideas but nothing definite. We'll see what happens. For now I am tired and ready for bed.

9:53 p.m. - 2016-05-11


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