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Oops I missed my weekly Wednesday update. Thursday will have to do. It's been a bad-mood kind of day. I've been on a journey trying to lose weight. I've been trying to eat better and exercise more. I've been serious about it for the last 4 weeks. I'm doing it for health issues but if I feel better about my body and how it looks and functions then I will be quite happy. Which leads me to this morning when I did my weekly weighed in and was shocked when the scale went up. WTH? I then did my measurements and found out I lost a few inches around the body which took the sting away...slightly. It's just disheartening you know?

My walk tonight was lacklustre or barely there as my heart wasn't in. I'm not giving up just regrouping. I probably wouldn't have even walked if I hadn't already planned to go out and buy my husband's last birthday gift. A very expensive (for us) bottle of whiskey. I kept picturing myself tripping or going over on my ankle and falling with this bottle. I really am an optimistic person but I just know how accident prone I am. Luckily I made it home bottle intact.

Oh the other thing that put me in a bad mood was I managed to crack my phone screen. It dropped early this morning on the floor when I hit it with my blankets (it's my alarm clock so it sits on my bedside table). I didn't notice the crack til later in the morning. It's still usable but a pisser none the less. The third bad mood inducer (comes in 3's don't ya know) was the crazy amount of work I had to get done today. Work has been slamming busy which sure helps the day zoom by but it tends to raise my stress levels and doesn't leave me any downtime to goof off! it is the beginning of my 4 day weekend! I'm not gonna lie it's off to a shaky start as tomorrow my friend S is having a bday party. Now the back story is the last 2 times I visited her I got parking tickets. Her building does not have visitor parking. With this in mind I text her 3 days ago and asked if the parking situation was still bad? Crickets. No answer. I'm going back and forth with 'maybe she didn't get my text?' to 'screw her!'. Yah I'm a bit extreme right now (hi pms). So as of right now I have no idea of my plans for tomorrow night. I thought about texting her again but my stubborn side refuses to let me. I think I may just reply to her fb invite with 'not going' and let her figure out she never got back to me. God I'm annoying even myself! Can I be more highschool right now??

So once that nonsense is behind me the weekend will be all Keith-centric. His birthday is technically Monday but I want him to have a 'HIM' weekend. If only he was as easy to please as me. I did come up with an outing on Sunday in which we go for a mini day trip driving across the country going to flea markets and thrift stores and ending up at his favourite eatery. I'm excited to give him his gifts. Besides the whiskey I bought him a cool '42' shirt and I have a story behind it (okay fine I have a story behind the one I bought myself at the same time). I've been dying to share it with him since it happened cause face it after 10 years of marriage it's the interesting stories we bring home that entertain us & keep us coming back for more! I also got him (us) tickets for a play but I know he will totally say the gift is more for me than him (he may not be so wrong about that). He totally can't say that about the whiskey (I hate it!). Oh and I painted him his own towel with '42' on it for his party in June. Can you guess the theme of the party? Here's a hint - my t-shirt for the party has a fish on it!

Alright I am going to shut this down and go figure our my day tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment at 9 that I am considering walking to (over an hour walk roundtrip) and I want to go and buy some new sneakers which I anticipate will take over an hour as I need to find ones that a) look good and b) fit my orthotics. Nothing makes you feel old like the last part of that sentence!

9:01 p.m. - 2016-05-19


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