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It's been an event filled 2 weeks.....I prefer less excitement

Okay I gotta play catch up before this gets out of hand - I mean it's June 1st for gosh sakes! So what's been happening? Let's see we'll go back 2 weekends ago. Quick recap:

Went to S's birthday party. Had no parking issues. Had a good time at the party. Slept on the couch which although nice was not as comfy as I had hoped - you win some you lose some. Did some thrift store shopping before heading home Saturday afternoon. Sunday Keith and I had a great day driving all over this beautiful country going places we've never been but then ending the evening by eating at our favourite eatery in the Falls(we then drove home - no spending the night for us). Monday - Keith's b-day - we had cake and then went out for a late lunch to a sushi place. Keith liked his gifts - he even pretended to like the tickets for mama mia (they may have been more for me). He did like his bottle of expensive whiskey though!

Now to recap this past weekend that just happened. Just a normal 2 day (not 3 - boo). Saturday I went yard saling with my co-worker and her friend. I bought a beautiful standing picture holder - seriously heavy - it almost didn't fit in my car! Before that Keith had text me - he had been in an accident. A woman rear ended his bread truck. He was making a turn into a store - so half way into the turn and the woman didn't see the brake lights or turn signal. She got charged. It was like 6am on a Saturday morning so there was little to no traffic. Thankfully everyone was okay although her car was totalled. Saturday night we went and saw the play to the tickets above after having dinner at the mongolian grill. De-lish. It's been quite a while since we've been as they had renovated. Sunday was a stay at home kind of day. Lazy do nothing etc.

This week has been a roller coaster of fun. Monday morning I was running late and got out to my car to find it unlocked and rummaged through or ransacked as I like to say. Thankfully nothing was stolen or broken. Not even our gps was taken. Then that afternoon ticket master called me to confirm the 2 tickets I bought for the baseball game. No - no I did not. Identify theft - again. I called my visa company they put a stop on my card and are reissuing me a new one. Although I pointed out to the woman that I had got a similar call on Saturday night (I thought it was a scam) and the caller said - just like her - they couldn't release the tickets I bought until I called and confirmed. I asked her why they would release the tickets if I never called back??? Yah she couldn't answer that. Nice process you ignore.

Oh and before that we had a wicked thunderstorm Sunday night. I opened a window in our living room before the storm because there was a beautiful breeze. I had forgot that this window didn't um close. So there I was with the wind howling and the rain pouring in trying to shut it in vain. Finally I pushed the curtain against the screen and held my body over it for a good 10 minutes until the storm subsided and the worst was over. Then I spent the night on the couch until Keith woke up at 2 and helped me shut the window. We were both surprised that I went to work the next morning.

The good news of the week was some financial stuff that's been hanging over our heads for the last few years has finally been cleared up. I nearly wept. We did have a celebratory drink Tuesday night at home - gin and tonics!

I have a walking date with my neighbour tomorrow evening. I'm a little nervous. I like to walk alone. I like to listen to music. BUT I know I have to open myself up to friendship. I can't just keep being the loner girl. At least it's been several weeks since I've been walking so I won't be all out of breath on the hills etc. I calculated my walking route the other day and I walk just under 5km on my route. Pretty cool - no wonder my hips hurt.

And in the last piece of news filed under is my husband losing it or are we being targeted category - tonight Keith went to bbq and found all the burners in the on position and the propane tank handle wide open. Obviously all the propane was gone. He swears he turned everything off on Monday night when he bbq'd. It left us both with an uneasy feeling. Alright I just spent my lunch making time doing this entry so I am gonna have to get up early and do that tomorrow. G'night!

10:08 p.m. - 2016-06-01


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