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To complete old business. My walk with my neighbour never happened. She had to cancel due to work issues and never contacted me again to reschedule. I'm okay with that cause as you know I'm a solo walker. I didn't walk tonight though due to the rain. Probably for the best cause my back is out as well as my left side is sore. I did something the other night but I have no idea what. It's slowly getting better though so that's good. It just sucks to get older I tell ya.

I wrote this 2 days ago:

I put on my wedding dress from almost 11 years ago – it still fits – in fact Keith said it even looked a bit loose. I was just psyched to put it on. I loved that dress. From the moment I saw it hanging in the bridal shop in a size I would never fit in I loved it. I tried on ONE dress that day just to actually have the experience of trying on a dress but my heart was with the one that had already claimed me. I ordered it that day. I then proceeded to have anxiety dreams about wearing a potato sack on the day of my wedding because who orders a dress without trying out the style at least?? I felt like a princess the day of my wedding and with a few nip and tucks the dress fit like a dream.

Oh I should mention why I tried my dress on – it has been in storage at my parents since I got married and now that they are moving they have dug it out and are returning it to me. My mom felt bad as she had wanted to have the dress cleaned and put in a proper box etc. I didn’t care it’s not like I will be wearing it to an event any time soon. I just love the gown and now have to find a place for it. Either that or hang it in the closet where Keith will come home from work and find me wearing it while watching girly movies and eating ice cream. We’ll see.

So Keith’s 42nd birthday party was a pretty good success. I would give it a B+. It was a bit chaotic when it came time to put out the food cause I guess K’s mom had done so much preparation she was leaving it up to “me and anyone else to actually put the food out. Yah I can’t even go down that road. That morning she called me at 8am to ask me if I was bringing potato salad. Um no….because you told me you were bringing it. Turns out she wasn’t. Sure. So add that to my list. Potato salad. Hamburgers, hotdogs buns for both, 2 desserts and drinks for the kids. But yah she was doing all the work. Sure.

But things went along well. The food got put out thanks to everyone pitching in. We then had cake but nobody really mentioned the other dessert that was made (my mom was like there was other dessert??). My family said goodbye about 7 and poor D was heartbroken because we didn’t get a chance to set off the flying lanterns due to the wind that had picked up. By 9pm the wind was pretty bad and it soon brought rain. No fire. No s’mores. Bummer. Keith went to bed about 10 as he was done – lack of sleep and booze. I then proceeded to stay up sitting around the kitchen table talking and drinking til after 2am at which time I was d.o.n.e.


2 more working days til the weekend. Friday after work I am going to a golf event. I don't golf. It's a dine and nine. My staff association is putting it on (I'm part of the planning committee). I'm going for dinner and then hitting the road. Hopefully after that I'll meet T for swimming. She cancelled on me last weekend which was okay. It was a busy weekend so I was ok with having downtime on Friday. I did go and visit her at her store though Friday afternoon for about an hour.

Saturday Keith and I headed to my parents for an early father's day. My parents finished getting the house ready for sale - it went up on Monday. Things are moving fast now. I thought it wouldn't be til the end of the summer but my dad had the end of May in sight and they worked night and day on that house getting it ready. They did way too much hard labour but I am super proud of them. Keith and I are moving slow with our renovations. Although kudos to Keith he's getting stuff done - slowly but surely. He wants to do some cement thing this Saturday that he needs my help with. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Hopefully we'll get some time to have some fun as well!

Alright time to wrap this up. I gotta clean up the living room a bit - I moved the couches around (yah I know bad back) but I needed to make some changes since we spend a lot of time up here now. It should surprise Keith when he gets up at 2am - hopefully he will be awake enough not to walk into the couch!

9:29 p.m. - 2016-06-15


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