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Vacation Recap Part 1 - yah I'm feeling wordy today

Part 1

Vacations are meant to rejuvenate. They are meant to relax and kick back. Take a step back and away from work – the daily grind. Live and enjoy life. I am happy to say that my week off accomplished all that and more. There's something deeply satisfying about enjoying the crap out of your vacation. Even if I did end it on a sick note!

Friday June 24th – the beginning of my glorious vacation. My husband started his workday with his truck breaking down thus a text advising me lunch was looking out of the question. A few hours later I got another text – he had a helper and a rental truck – lunch back on. I then went for my long overdue massage. After packing the car and having lunch with my hubby I hit the highway at 2pm – on time! Then I proceeded to spend 4 hours sitting in traffic (should have only been a 2 hour drive). It was excruciating but I just cranked up the tunes and concentrated on not thinking about my bladder. I got to my destination (my brother's) to find that they had no power. I made it just in time for dinner (delivered pizza) then it was on to the park to watch my two nephews go way too fast and do dangerous tricks on their scooters. As it began to get dark and the power was still out we had a fire and s'mores and then finally the power came back on. Bedtime for the boys and big brother time for the adults.

Saturday June 25th – up super early after 6 hours of sleep. I awoke to the younger nephew staring at me. Cute but startling. Then the next several hours passed in a blur as I attended 2 different parties for six year olds. Yah that got old fast. It was also super hot that day. I got a sunburn on my upper back. I also realized the younger nephew likes to run away out of our field of vision when no one is watching. Heart attack city. That evening I had offered to watch the kids so my brother and his wife could go out for dinner as it was their anniversary. My parents in turn offered to pick up me and the boys and take us to their trailer where they would feed us dinner and end the night with a fire (a swim was proposed but the pool at the trailer wasn't up and running yet – boo). So we had a good evening with the boys and were home by 10. Both parents were in bed (sleeping – my sil had her cpap machine on) by the time we got home. The boys went straight to bed and I would have too except my stomach kept me up for the next few hours – too much sun and not enough water wreaked havoc with my body.

Sunday June 26th – up early once again as we all had to leave for church together before 9am. Thankfully the basement where I slept and where my parents will be living is now equipped with it's own shower/tub combo and it was lovely to get ready in peace! We got to church on time then my bro and sil left for the other church and we all stayed behind to eat as it was a special service and they always have food at these things. Then it was chaos for a couple hours as we got organized, changed, picked up my brother and all headed out to the trailer once again minus my sil who was staying at the church for a few hours. She arrived just as dinner was prepared and we all ate, had another fire (that's 3 if you are counting) more s'mores and then home time. Boys to bed and big brother time.

Monday June 27th – up early as it was a school day. Sil walked D to school and I had cereal with S. Then we headed out for a day of errands and a dr's appointment for S. A stop at vv to drop off some things ended up with a score as it was 50% off day! I also got some good quality time with my sil at McD's while S played in the play area – some good heart to heart time. Then it was time to race home, change quickly and head out to paint night!

Paint nite deserves it's own paragraph. The event started at 7pm. We got there at 6 and were going to have a bite to eat. I went over to the girl running it and told her we were here and advised we wanted to all sit beside each other – no problem – she showed me where we would sit and when I suggested saving the spots she said no she would remember. She didn't. We did sit together but not beside each other. I wasn't happy. I was also at this point battling a sore throat. (Side note: Oh did I forget to mention the day I arrived my sil went to the clinic as she was sick and got antibiotics? Yah.) I may have retold the story of our arrival to our fellow table mates at a volume louder than I intended as I'm pretty sure the instructor did not like me and thus did not help me all that much during the whole session. My painting is not one I would show in public. Did I have fun? Yes. Would I do it again? Sure – just not with her. The drive home was a bit traumatic. I drove as both sil's drank. I offered. While driving down a dark country road a raccoon wandered out in front of the car and without anywhere to go I hit him head on. We didn't get out to check anything as a) it was dark and b) other drivers were on the road with us. My sil told me later that the little critter dented the grill of their car! Quite the ending to an interesting night.

Tuesday June 28th – up early and now with a sinus cold! After D left for school I packed up my bags and was on the road by 10. Thankfully the traffic was running nice and smoothly. The only blip was when I was about 20 minutes from home my bladder told me it was not making it so I stopped at the convenience food/gas station. I should mention when I left my sil she gave me $70 she owed me and I had shoved it in my pocket. Well after the stop as I was back on the highway something make me reach in to my pocket to check on the money and it was gone. I was upset. Beyond upset. I was losing my shit. I tried to tell myself that whoever found it needed it more than me – that didn't make me feel better. As I pulled off the highway and up to the lights near my house I cracked open the door and glanced down – there between the door and seat was the money – all of it!! I may have cried in relief. I got home and told my story to Keith who had just got home from work – I needed a hug. That evening we had our back cracking and some rib cracking too as I finally mentioned my shoulder pain to my chiro and he worked away on it. For dinner we ended up at East Side Marios. It had been a while since we been - still nothing to write home about. be continued.....

9:08 p.m. - 2016-07-04


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