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Vacation Recap Part 2

Better finish this vacation recap before I am starting my next vacation (last week of the month!).

Wednesday June 29th – I was up at 8am – so early – with my alarm to leave for the second part of my vacay. I was supposed to leave by 9 but it was a bit after that as I had to stop for water and cold meds (I was not going to get dehydrated on this part of the vacay too). I got to S' and we put all my stuff into her car and I parked in her spot (yay no tickets!) then we hit the road to pick up her friend Talker (not her real name). Talker is our age, married and no kids. 3 musketeers? I let her have the front as I was sick and she knew the way so it only made sense. We stopped for ice cream along the way and we searched for thrift stores to no avail (I had preplanned some but along a different route we didn't take). We went to the beach first and walked for a bit and had lunch then drove to our hotel in the next town and then after checking in proceeded to find a few thrift stores. We made a stop at the liquor store and an employee spectacularly wiped out at least a dozen vodka bottles and I happened to be walking by I had a foot full of vodka and a few tiny splinters of glass in my leg - super tiny - I couldn't say anything cause he looked quite upset at what he did. We decided to have a cheap dinner of subs and stay in for the night. After S and I had a swim we sat outside on the picnic table and ate our dinner and then had a few drinks and a lot of getting to know you chitchat. By 11 we called it a night. I got to share a bed with S and warned them both as I was sick I was going to snore a lot (I did not disappoint). Talker is super nice – but yah she like to chat. She also is a bit anal about stuff. But we all have our quirks and hers all things considered weren't that bad.

Thursday June 30th – Beach Day! We were worried as Wednesday had been a bit chilly and the beach freezing when we had visited it briefly. But we had nothing to worry about. The weather totally co-operated. Although we left about 10 we didn't hit the beach til almost 1pm! We made a few stops along the way. But once on the beach it was paradise. We spent the next few hours lounging, reading, wandering and swimming (well S and I Talker didn't want to swim). We finally left about 6pm and only because we made dinner plans at a well known tourist place. We had 35 minutes to shower and get ready. 20 for Talker, 10 for S and 8 for me. Yah we ran late. The restaurant was super nice and pretty dead which was a surprise. We all had the expensive perch dinner and enjoyed the crap out of every bite. Then we wandered the beach as we were just in time for sunset and picture taking. We headed back and stayed in the room having a few drinks until S began to fall asleep sitting up. And oh yes I did snore quite a bit again as my cold was only getting worse.

Friday – July 1st – CANADA DAY! After breakfast at the hotel we packed all our bags and loaded the car (how did we have so much more stuff??) then we got on the road. It was 90% chance of rain that day and that morning it did rain although it was never while we were outside in it. We had decided to stop at a winery on our way home and one turned into 3. The first one was the best as it was a young guy running the shop for his mom and he was awesome – we were there for almost an hour and a half just chatting and sampling with him. We probably only left because another customer came in. The other 2 wineries were okay but the first one made my day. I didn't end up heading home til 4pm a bit later than I had planned. Keith was happy to finally see me.

Saturday July 2nd – Day after Canada Day! Keith and I went to the ribfest in Toronto. Parking is always dicey and this year was no different. We were told to park on nearby streets or at a school where we could pay – we chose street parking. Of course we then turned the wrong way to walk to the rib fest and ended up walking a huge block that made us pass our car on the way back – so about 20 minutes of fruitless walking in the extreme heat. And for the record – I wanted to turn the correct way – ahem. After ribfest we hit a few places we liked – some by accident some by design. We weren't too hungry for dinner so we decided to do a cheese and veggie platter for dinner – it was a joke at first but then we decided it was a good idea.

Sunday – last day of vacay. Not much to report for this day. I did some laundry and hung it out to dry – oh not because I am crazy about fresh air smell of clothes but our dryer went bust. We went out that morning and found a new set at Sears. Keith is picking it up Friday. Exciting. I also got 2 swimsuits on clearance so I was a pretty happy girl.

Now I am back to work and the vacation glow is pretty much gone. I did take Monday off cause the cold I had during my vacation made me cough all Sunday night. I came into work Tuesday to find a huge second monitor on my desk. We had been expecting them for over a year so um yay they finally came? It's taking getting used to having this second one on my desk but it does help with my job since most of my work day is looking at documents and now I don't feel like I am squinting my whole work day.

It is wicked hot this week. Makes me too lazy to do a darn thing. My parents are coming to stay the night Friday so I better get some energy and do a little company-is-coming cleaning! Oh and they found out last night their house sold. Everyone is happy and nervous (they are moving in with my younger brother and family so big changes for everyone).

Stay cool!

7:10 p.m. - 2016-07-06


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