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Summer Vacation Week #2

Vacation Week #2 Recap - July 25 - 29th

Sometimes I can’t help but think how great 2 weeks off in a row would be. But then I think how great coming back to work for a week or 2 and then leaving for another week off is and I don’t feel so bad.

My 2nd week of vacation was a little less hectic than my first which was kind of nice. I also planned more solo events something I always say I will do but then chicken out.

The Monday of my first official vacation day was a bit up and down. I had decided to go on a solo overnight trip which was a major thing for me. Of course I kept it from Keith til pretty much the last minute. Not so much cause I thought he would object I just kept changing my mind on whether I would do it or not. I wrestled with the idea of spending this money on just myself. After discussing it with him (finally) he was ok with it and all for it. And then the weather decided to be a pain in the ass. Leading up to Monday the weather was always iffy. Monday morning I awoke to grey skies and the promise of rain. Keith called me to see how bummed I was to cancel my trip. To his surprise I told him I was still going. I checked the weather and it did seem to promise sunshine and nicer weather and just for spite the weather Tuesday was going to be insanely gorgeous. He suggested I go and explore the area but hold my beach day til Tuesday and not worry about coming home til dinner. Pretty awesome of him. So I finished loading my car, threw in my cd’s and hit the road!

I cannot tell you the feelings I experienced on my drive. I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone. I also felt this sense of freedom. I had nothing to worry about for the next 24 hours or so. I could do what I want. Go where I wanted on my own time schedule. It was exhilarating. I drove to the beach and had a late lunch of fried clam strips. It was muggy but overcast. Then I drove to the hotel and was able to check in an hour early. I parked myself at the hotel pool outside where the sun came out in full force and of course I was near bursting with pleasure over this! I swam and read on and off for the next couple hours and as more people arrived an idea came into my head. I packed up at the pool, grabbed a few things out of my hotel room and then headed back to the beach! There I spent the next 3 hours or so in my awesome beach chair, toes in the sand and a wind strong enough to blow the mugginess off me and just read my book and took in the scenery around me.

For din I grabbed a salad and after a swim before the pool closed I had dinner then relaxed for a bit before calling it a night around 10:30 cause I was wiped out from all my adventures!

Tuesday I awoke to a super bright sunshiny day just like they promised. I had my complimentary breakfast then checked out and had myself a super awesome sun-filled day at the beach. I headed home around 4pm to my hot and cranky husband (head induced crankiness).

Wednesday Keith and I had a late lunch out at our Sushi place and then went to the movies – secret life of pets – not my first choice for a movie but I just wanted to sit in air conditioning and eat popcorn.

Friday it was another iffy weather day – it’s like the weather knows when I want to plan an outing! I spent about 3 hours at a local outdoor pool. Then I drove home picked up Keith and we went out for dinner. Oh before that I went out in the morning and visited T’s mom as she was working at T’s store (after taking myself out for a big breakfast!). That woman puzzles me sometimes. She knew T and I were going to a cottage leaving Saturday after work at 5:30 and heading home Sunday morning at 10am and she didn’t offer to do either a half day or a whole day for T. It’s puzzling only because she talks about how much she wants to help her daughter out and feels bad she works 7 days a week – not that bad I guess! T refuses to ask her mom unless she is in a bind which I can’t say I blame her for. As long as T is okay with it I guess I am too.

Saturday we cleaned the house as Keith had company over, his old friend from high school who used to live in Paris and Ireland and England and wherever else has recently moved back relatively close – Quebec – and was down in our area for the weekend with his new wife and French speaking daughter from his first marriage. It was a good little visit – slightly awkward when they all spoke en francais – but Keith liked his seeing his old friend. Too bad they couldn’t have 1 on 1 guy time they would have loved it. After they left I packed my car and hit the road to pick up T.

There was a girls weekend that I had invited myself to (seriously I wasn’t initially invited). Ballsy when I look back on it. But T didn’t want to drive the 2 hour drive and I offered as I love driving and love road trips. We actually had a decent drive down – no traffic. I had picked up 2 pepperoni pizzas and we ate half of one for din on the drive down. We got there around 7 and most gals were in their cups. The rest of the night is hazy and blurry as a few of us swam in the swamp I mean lake and we ate (pizza!) and danced and then T, myself and our host J ended up sitting up til after 4am drunk as skunks. I thankfully had a decent 4 hours sleep and was up at 8 not feeling too bad. T and I took a cold swim in the lake to wake ourselves up as we had to leave by 10. We made it out of there by 10:15 so I consider that a huge success! The drive home was a bit more rough than the way up. T felt sort of bad and I had to pull over at one point as she thought she might be ill. She wasn’t. But I kept one eye on her in case I had to do another quick pull over. I dropped her back at her store by 12:30 – half an hour late due to the pulling over and getting stuck behind farm equipment for a good 15 minutes.

Keith wasn’t too thrilled at my lateness (was almost 1:30 by the time I got home with lunch for us) as he had wanted to go out and do something which in all honesty we could have but I am so grateful we didn’t – the lack of sleep and the night of drinking was catching up to me. We ended up staying in until dinner at which time we went to Beer Town – a restaurant! We had always wanted to go but never did. We noticed the table beside us had left their cell phone on the seat so I did the good Samaritan thing and ran outside to give it to them – I wondered why the guy gave me a weird look and only after he came back in to get his daughter and mother who were in the washroom did I realize they hadn’t actually left yet – whoops!

Monday Keith and I got to have our day out. We went to one of our favourite antique markets and managed to only spend $20! It was a good way to end my vacation. A not so great thing was the red dots that exploded all over my feet. They were so ITCHY! The more I scratched the more they appeared. Turns out T had the same thing. We have no idea why or what happened but I am happy they are finally fading and no longer itchy!

Now I can't wait til the next vacation week: August 15 - 19th!

9:24 p.m. - 2016-08-06


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