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Week #3 recap

I wore pants today to work. I should have probably prefaced that by mentioning that I have been wearing only shorts and capris all summer long cause it’s been so bloody hot. But this morning it was semi cool and I just couldn’t resist the urge to wear them. Yes I am that person bitching about the heat. I don’t have AC and the humidity this summer was just way too harsh. Now ironically I could have used more heat last week when I was off but haha that’s not how mother nature works. She’s on her own schedule. It was non stop risk of thunderstorms pretty much every day of our vacay but we made it work. It helps that we made sure to stay in super cold air conditioned rooms everywhere we went. Seriously we would wrap ourselves up in duvets each night and shiver rather than turn the AC down. Bliss.

So our week off together was quite good. As I told Keith’s mom on the weekend, Keith and I spent 24/7 together for one week when we are used to spending an hour a day together and we ended the week happy and still married! We had our cranky moments of course but surprisingly they were few and far between. OK not sure why I said surprisingly I normally only have a meltdown on trips that involve flights and that’s normally because when we get to our destination I am so tired and anxiety ridden I take it out on my husband and vica versa. But yah none of that.

My family reunion though – that kicked off our vacation – was a bit of a write off rain wise. It’s a very good thing my parents (the organizers this year) rented a huge tent cause the reunion would have been over before it began. We arrived just after a downpour. The games which Keith and I were in charge of went over pretty well although I was pretty discouraged as none of the adults seemed to join in (the games were both for kids and adults). But as Keith said at least they were busy talking with each other and not all bored and just not wanting to play. But yah I won’t be volunteering to run the games anytime soon! Next year the reunion is 8 hours away so who knows if I’ll even be able to attend.

Anywho pretty much all my immediate family stayed at the local motel so we all hung out the rest of the night. Sunday morning we all went our separate ways. Keith and I headed off to start our vacation and the weather was sunny and perfect.

There’s really not much to relate. We ate like kings, slept like penguins and hung out like best friends (well except for all the kissy parts my bff’s and I don’t do that). Joking aside it was a good week off that went all too fast.

I ended my week off by going to visit Keith’s mom on Saturday night and having our annual drinking/hat night. A bunch of us gals come together with our beverage of choice and a hat on our head. Throughout the night we all switch hats – no order no rules – and we just sit around the kitchen table until we’ve had enough. The diehards sometimes pull an all nighter. I’ve never been a diehard. I made it this year to 4am. Then I snoozed fitfully on the couch while K’s mom slept on the loveseat with the tv blaring. A good 5 hours sleep is not what I had by any means. I was pretty useless all day Sunday but wouldn’t nap. Thankfully I made it to bed at 10pm and had a solid 9 hours sleep. Maybe 9.5 as when my alarm went off at 7am I quickly reset it to 7:30 as I was having a freaking awesome dream and tried to get back into (no such luck).

Now I have 5 days to get thru until my next week off. My last week off this summer. I’ve never had so much summer vacation but I guess I didn’t take much last year and now that I get 5 weeks of vacation a year it does add up quickly. I should probably keep track of the days though.

9:59 p.m. - 2016-08-22


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