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Oktober catch up

Ok I really thought I had updated at least once in October - I guess only in my head.

Okay so let's recap. Anniversary weekend away? Excellent! We had an amazing dinner out - I mean almost 2 hours we were in the restaurant and no it wasn't a buffet har har. We were just taking our time and chatting and eating and drinking. We went back to our hotel and continued that - Keith had bought a bottle of champagne and we not only opened it we finished it! Our first ever - finishing that is. But the best part was sitting there in the living room of our suite and drinking and chatting just about anything. No tv. No distractions. It made me remember why I said "I do" 11 years ago. Okay enough mushy-ness. The hotel was pretty cool. Except I learned the older I get the more I am prone to vertigo! Standing on the 12th floor looking down at the reception area made me dizzy!

Let's see then there was Thanksgiving - Canadian. My younger bro and his family hosted it. Keith and I were able to go down Saturday afternoon and stay til Monday which was nice. It was interesting as my parents mostly stayed in their sitting room in the basement (my dad as he is recuperating and I imagine my mom to keep him company). So I sort of was up and down the stairs visiting each family. We helped my parents winterize their trailer as well. I got to spend lots of time with the little monsters I mean nephews.

Oktoberfest! That was last weekend. It was an okay night. The beginning started great. My work friend who now lives 3 hours away - came over and we caught up while having a few drinks. I felt good and tipsy by the time we left at 6pm. We got to the hall which was beautiful and they had a HUGE german food buffet and it was delicious and just too much. We left the hall stuffed and walked over to the enormous beer tent where thousands of young people were ready to drink and party. Us old people? We were full and sober. Basically it defeated the whole point of Oktoberfest for me. It's about dancing and drinking and snacking on german food. I cannot say I will be going back next year. Partying is the way to go.

Speaking of partying I was supposed to be going away to a girls weekend this weekend. I cancelled as I have my eye thing tomorrow. I didn't think having this done and then drinking with the girls would be a smart move. Sucks but better to be safe than sorry! I will be going to the book sale though with C tomorrow evening. Books!

Work. Ugh. Work has been horrible. I don't even really want to talk about it but I need to record this stuff too. We are implementing a new system I mean a huge overhaul - after 30+ years this is huge. But it is also not without it's headaches. We are drowning in work. Phones are off the chart busy. People are not pulling their weight and my manager is playing favourites. I actually spoke up in a team meeting which I never do. And during all this my chair has been giving me issues so my back has been super sore. I had a phone conference with an Ergonomist and she decided to send me a new chair which I will hopefully be getting soon (snort). All I wanted was a obus form back rest of some sort but if a new chair works -sure.

And one last thing - the gym. I joined the gym 2 days ago. I saw a dietician that day - something my doctor ordered me to do. It was a really good appointment actually. She was really nice and quite helpful. I like how she called me on my 'barriers to exercising' - ha yup I can make the best excuses ever! But yah I decided walking at night is no longer an option and I need more structure. A gym is 5 minutes from my house and most of my evenings are free once Keith goes to bed so really no excuses right? I went tonight for orientation which meant someone showed me how the machines worked. I didn't know that and wasn't going to work out but since I was there I did! Go me! I'm looking forward to taking classes as well. I think my doctor will be impressed at least. Good luck to me!

Okay ONE last thing! I was on the radio! I have tried for months to get thru as caller #7 and I finally was. You can win money. I won't leave you hanging I didn't win anything. I busted. I was a wee bit bitter as my co-worker egged me to go on and I did. But I was the one who didn't listen to her gut so that's that.

Now it is time to call it a night. A big day tomorrow with this eye thing. I sure hope the doctor can get rid of it (and doesn't hurt me in the process!!).

9:27 p.m. - 2016-10-20


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