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Is there a word for that?

I'm bored? Restless? Sad? I don't know what I am which sucks cause how do you solve what you don't know. I'm pretty sure it's the hormones playing tricks on me as they are want to do this time of the month but it sure doesn't make it any better.

Yesterday Keith and I visited his parents. His mom just came back from a trip to Japan with her youngest son. It was actually Keith's idea to visit his family so I was pretty pleased with his thoughtfulness. We spent a few hours with her and one of his sisters and her four kids. It was a nice visit.

Today we have both been melancholy - maybe blame it on the time change? Keith made a special meal tonight - it was Japanese inspired and the main soup had bok choy in it which only at the end of the meal did he realize he forgot to put in (I had purposely went out and bought some yesterday). We had a good chuckle over that.

I did manage to be a bit productive today - put away our Oktoberfest stuff and do 3 loads of laundry. Go me. I also just baked muffins but I'm pretty sure they are going to be door jams cause they look quite tough. It was made from an old mix in the cupboards so I didn't have all that much to lose except for the raisins I bought today.

My arms are killing me. I did weights at the gym Friday night. Yah 2 days later agony. Stupid weight machines.

It's a 3 day work week for me. Oh man am I happy. Then a 4 day weekend. If I've learned anything this past weekend it's that I have to plan things. Yes lounging and doing nothing is great but it can also lead to (see paragraph 1). I forgot to mention that when we visited Keith's fam his dad was nowhere to be found. Apparently he was napping which he does a lot even when family comes to visit. Not a big deal normally but since he's retired he can sleep whenever right? I guess he's been kind of depressed since retiring. I said to Keith that I sort of understood for the first time how people can fall into a depression without a routine - yes you are now free from work but if you don't have a plan laid out or no hobbies then it can be disheartening. It doesn't help he's also an alcoholic so his health has been pretty poor this year.

Anywho I know I will come out of this funk probably tomorrow when I am bitching about work while at work. I am trying to go to the gym every other day as I have been warned not to go gung ho and burn myself out ie quit before I even get started. It's good to be aware of your flaws!

My eye procedure went quite well. I'm glad I cancelled the girls weekend. My eye was super tender for the first couple days and even bled a bit on day 1. But I took care of it and it seemed to heal quite nice. I have a tiny scar where my cyst was but it's barely noticeable so I am quite happy.

I did get to party last weekend when I went to S' halloween party. I went as a devil - uninspired but super easy and I looked good and was comfortable all night! There was only a handful of us but we had a pretty fun night. We started with going to church (ha I took off my horns before entering) and listened to a special organ service. I made some spider cookies that turned into monster cookies instead. Ah well at least they tasted good.

Alright now I am going to throw the last load of clothes in the dryer and make my lunch for tomorrow. Leftover japanese food and a small salad. Yum!

8:23 p.m. - 2016-11-06


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