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Wrapping up November

The end of November already? Crazy.

I was again reminded that I would be horrible in any form of running around behind my husband's back (his 40th birthday was the first time I realized this). Last weekend Keith and I went to a nearby town about half an hour way to a few stores and every single store he found something he loved (this rarely happens) so giddy girl that I was I vowed to get him all those things (not even all that expensive) but I wanted to get this done asap and not leave it til this Friday cause I am impatient like that. Cut to Monday in which I leave work half way thru the day cause I wasn't feeling well (hello sick with anxiety & nerves of Christmas shopping - ha). I then drove back to the town and went to every single store we were in and picked up the item he mentioned, bought it, didn't look around at all and moved on to the next store. I still feel I'll surprise him because I doubt he'll think I would go back and get those things. Mwahahahaha. It was just nerve wracking trying to time it all and to make sure I didn't use debit at all (no tracking!)

So before that shopping outing on Sunday Keith and I earned our outing by unloading 48 pieces of drywall off his work truck and then down the stairs of our basement. Boy howdy am I weak. Okay I held my own but it was tough. I was a hot mess by the end of the afternoon. The next day both Keith and I could barely move - Keith moreso cause I have to hand it to him he did way more of the brunt work because he had the muscles. But he's quite happy to have the drywall in and is working away in the basement every chance he gets.

What else? I'm volunteering at occupation christmas child (occ) again this year. I'm trying to remember how many years I've done this - I want to say 10? It's just so rewarding. Watching the video of the kids opening the shoeboxes get me every damn time and I tear up. I've done 2 shifts and got 3 more.

Today MB did a live chat with fans at 11am. Of course I was at work so couldn't really participate but a few minutes before it was set to start I posted a question not really expecting a response. But lo and behold respond he did!! It made my day. Considering he had over 200 people submitting questions etc and answered a lot but not all I count myself lucky! Did I mention it made my day?

I made a smart decision and took off the next couple Friday's at work - so for the next 3 weeks I only have 4 day work days. I apparently still have a crap load of vacation - I'm horrible at paying attention to this. I have like 18 days banked.

I had another emotional day as a result of work a week or so ago. I came home and cried. Then I finally - finally - got it through my head - no more. No more filling myself with stress and anxiety trying to get all the work they throw at me done while answering non-stop phones. So I made a conscious decision to only do phones. They told me that's the number one priority so I took it to heart. Oh I do my other work when possible but when the phones are busy I force myself to take a deep breath and just do what I can. It is much harder than it seems. I'm not a perfectionist by any means but I take great satisfaction of having all my work completed if not each day then at least by the end of the week. Now? Now I take pride in how much is left! Ha. And I feel somewhat validated because my department is offering overtime work which hasn't happened in many years so you know the work is in overdrive when this happens. C'est la vie.

And now it is time for bed. No big plans for the weekend. Friday I am volunteering in the morning at OCC then I hope to come home and Christmas up the house. If that happens then I hope to get some wrapping done as well. I have every intention of not leaving everything to the last minute this year!

PS - thanks for the comments in my notes section - I just read them today - they made my day as well!

PPS - oh damn Elf is on - the last half hour (so an hour by tv time!). I cannot not watch it!

10:23 p.m. - 2016-11-30


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