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Bah-humbug co-workers. Bah-humbug

I am not a happy grl. My foot problem - plantar fasciitis has reared it's ugly head again. It's been sort of bothering me the last week or so but today I'm actually limping. Not cool. And what the hell is the point of getting $1000 orthotics for if they don't do there job?? PS I didn't actually pay for them my benefits did. But still - ugh. I can't believe I'm actually complaining I couldn't go to the gym tonight!

My day at work was crazy busy - not actual work - I put on a lunch for the office - well me and my two co-horts and it was a lot of running around and stressing and just making sure everything ran smoothly. It did. But I did start the day extra early as I had to go for blood work before work. Long day.

Tomorrow we get to leave early for our 'team lunch' I would like to call it a team 'xmas lunch' but there is no spirit of x-mas to be had at tomorrow's lunch. No secret santa, no white elephant game nothing - just go, eat and leave. I'm pissed to be blunt. I wasn't asked my opinion - a lot of people weren't. A select few (newbies if you were) made that decision for all of us. They decided to support a charity instead. I did tell everyone that I support charities all year long and even volunteer my time come December so yaaaaah. But sucker I am I still donated money when the envelope came around today - I'm not going to deny a good cause because I'm bitter at my co-workers for taking away any fun as a team this x-mas. I know it's really selfish but I'm reeeeeeally hoping tomorrow's lunch is SUPER boring. Take that grinches!! Ha. (Knowing the way my luck goes and the way these things go it will probably be the best lunch ever!)

This weekend is Keith's family's christmas. I have all the gifts wrapped and only have to pick up the odd little thing to finish off Keith's gifts. We both went way over our limit this year. The last few years we just haven't had the money but this year there is light at the end of the tunnel for our debt load and I think we are both feeling the relief.

I do have 2 other presents to wrap for T and C who I am supposed to be having din with this Friday. But the weather is looking snowy so C is already squawking about cancelling. Not to say if the roads are crappy we should still go but it's winter in Canada - we all have snow tires - c'mon already.

Alright time to hobble off to bed after this Survivor after show. I sure hope my fake Friday vibes carry me thru tomorrow...that and an xl tim's coffee!

10:29 p.m. - 2016-12-14


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