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I have a confession to make. I am afraid of fashion. Ok afraid is a pretty strong word but I am quite insecure when it comes to dressing my body and trying new things. Also part of my problem is pure laziness. I would rather go safe and quick when I dress in the mornings for work. And weekends I dress for comfort and am not adventurous at all. Why am I bringing this up now?

I got 2 garbage bags full of clothes given to me recently - most are clothes that I wouldn't normally wear - a few blazers - light and heavy. Little vests that just sort of go over your boobs and not your body. The lady I got them from is my size so pretty much everything fits me. My first thought was donate them cause I won't wear them. Then I stopped and thought why not?? Why can't I wear them? Why can't I be more adventurous? So I'm making a 2017 goal for myself (yes already). I am going to wear these new to me clothes. I am going to try new styles. I am going to step up my game for work. Why wait to 2017 you ask? Well for the rest of December it's dress down time at work. Jeans and t-shirts are my uniform for the next week or two. But come January when we are all back to work I will start putting together these outfits and I will wear them come hell or high water! And I must say the lady who gave me these clothes shopped at expensive stores! These are really quality pieces.

In other news I haven't been to the gym in over a week and I am going stir crazy. My foot has been killing me so I've been trying to rest it, stretch it and ice it. It's very frustrating. Especially on nights when I am free and could go work out - I can't! I'm going to try and go tonight and see what aggravates the foot - maybe there are a few machines that won't. I can hope.

My girls night with C and T got postponed due to weather. Personally I think we would have been fine but we all decided to move it to this Thursday. I did just change that to Wednesday as I noticed there is a 60% chance for snow and 20 on Wednesday. Hopefully the weather co-operates.

I did keep my hair appointment on Friday afternoon. I got a couple inches cut off to get rid of the split ends. I wanted to get more of the sides cut but the hairdresser and I misunderstood each other and she was cutting the back instead. Not a big deal. I figure in a month or two I will go back and get the haircut I want. I will need a pick me up by then and going to the hairdresser will give me that.

Saturday we went to Keith's parents for Christmas on his side. It was craziness. 8 little ones running around. 7 under 6 years of age. I did get to cuddle with the 2 month old quite a bit and also the 11 month old was pretty keen on me. I got a x-mas card from one of sisters she has 4 kids the youngest is the 11 month old. In the picture are all 4 kids with a onesie beside it saying #5. Yup she's preggers! Everyone wondered why she was going back to work so soon - for another year off when baby #5 comes that's why!

After the kids opened all their gifts and we ate some snacks the adults tried to play our white elephant game - I say try cause the kids really wanted in on it. But we persevered and had some fun with it. I had to steal a couple times and ended up with a tin of whiskey and 2 glasses. I don't like whiskey at all but the other gifts left were NOT ones that I wanted. Keith got a glass bowl with a ton of candy in it so he was happy. We ended up leaving around 6pm as the weather was getting crappy (freezing rain).

The x-mas jello tree didn't live up to my expectations. The pregger sister said she would get little jello containers from a restaurant what she didn't say was just for herself - not for everyone - and she brought 2 kinds of jello - both non-alcoholic. So the 2 kinds we brought just sort of sat off to the side. Pretty lame. We ended up leaving the jellos there - I'm pretty sure they got consumed by Keith's 2 brothers - they were well on their way to feeling no pain when we left.

Today was a lazy day but I did go out for a bit to the thrift store (I have a coupon that expires soon). I ended up buying 5 work out tops that were brand new and are from one of my expensive plus size stores so I was over the moon. I also bought a comfy pair of shiny party parts that were also from the same store and look like new. I was pretty happy with my haul.

Alright time to go pack my gym bag, go for a bit and then hopefully come home with enough energy to clean the kitchen.

6:19 p.m. - 2016-12-18


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