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2017 - A New Year! The obligatory new years entry. Okay I guess it’s not really obligatory but it seems only right to finish up with any old 2016 business.

It was with great relief that my new years plans were not kiboshed by mother nature this year. In fact Keith and I made excellent travelling time on new years eve day and had great weather to boot (the last 15 minutes not included). We had a wonderful time bringing in the new year with my brother, his wife and our adorable two nephews. We had two countdowns this year. The first being at 10pm. Luckily there were no digital clocks around as the 6 year old is pretty smart that way. But we had a loud and noisy countdown with confetti poppers included (Keith and I love making a mess of other people’s houses it seems). Then once the boys were in bed I somehow managed to keep the other 3 awake til midnight (seriously so many yawns!). We played a rousing game of cranium which had to be paused while we watched the Mariah debacle and then do our own countdown. It was a nice celebration. We called my parents at 11pm in Nova Scotia (it was midnight there) then they called us back at our midnight - cute.

I’m not going to say too much about 2016. It was a year. It was a big year for my parents who sold their house and now live with my brother and his family. My dad had a pretty big heart attack which makes me want to hold on and tell all my family how much I love them even more (and I already do that a lot). I’m sure there are to be more changes for 2017. Some good some bad but if I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that you can’t sit and wait for the bad that may or may not come. You can’t be afraid to live life and put yourself out there. You can’t be afraid to answer the phone when it rings in the early hours of the morning. That last one will always be a big one for me.

So 2017! Have I made any new years resolutions? Surprisingly, for me, no. I didn’t vow to lose weight or vow to become a gym rat. Hell I haven’t been to the gym in almost 3 weeks. First the recurring heel pain, followed by x-mas shenanigans and then a cold virus. I am going to go back. As I have started something I’ve been dreading for years. I’m cutting carbs. Okay that’s not true. I’m cutting down on the ‘bad’ carbs. You know the tasty ones! Cookies, muffins, crackers anything that makes me salivate. I’m not cutting them out of my life I’m cutting down on them. I am as of today trying to follow a low glycemic diet. Basically eat foots that don’t make my blood sugar jump sky high. I’m in the very beginning learning stages. I’ve read the book. I’ve re-read the book. I’ve hi-lited the book and still I find myself picking up the book to review it. Sometimes it takes a lot to get things thru this thick head of mine. Or maybe I keep trying to find that one part where it says muffins should be eaten every day! So we’ll see how it goes. I am only on day 1. Half way thru. It’s the planning that is the hardest which I guess is why they say ‘the devil is in the details’.

I’m doing this for my health. I’m doing this because my blood work is coming back the same or just a bit worse every 3 months and my doctor is now questioning if he should up my meds or change them. It depresses the hell out of me when I think that this is something I CAN control. I mean I know I can’t control the outcome but I can control what goes in my mouth – how often I move – how much I let stress get to me. All these things add up – especially the first one. Food.

So I’m committing myself to give this a shot. I know it’s not a fad diet I am trying. I know there is science behind what I am doing. I think I owe it to myself to do this. No more excuses. No more ‘YOLO’ and letting myself eat whatever and whenever I want.

Maybe I will make 2017 the year of me.

8:40 p.m. - 2017-01-10


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