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Week 1 is under my belt. I thought for sure I would be jonesing for my evil carbs but surprisingly I was satisfied with the eating plan I had devised during the day. I felt full without feeling heavy or tired during the day which was pretty interesting.

Of course I blew the whole thing this weekend. But I knew it would happen. I had a work thing Friday night at a fancy restaurant that included an appetizer, entree and dessert. I had all 3. I felt heavy when the night was over. I actually had to have a peppermint tea before bed as I was still feeling too full. Interesting.

Saturday night was a night I had been looking forward to for weeks - it was a post x-mas party that my friend was throwing. I don't drink a lot or at all during the week. I don't really drink on weekends cause I don't see the point. I don't need wine or my drink of choice - vodka and cran to make me feel relaxed on the weekends. I really only drink at parties. Depending on who I'm with I either have a couple or several. Last night was several. You get stupid, you get silly and you just let go. Last night was good. Although our hostess went to bed around midnight as she was d-o-n-e. The guests just kept partying. We probably left around 1am.

T and her hubby picked us up and we were going to cab it home but they offered to drop us off as well which was super nice of them.

I'm not going to lie I woke up with a wicked headache this morning. But after some toast and a couple pills I was feeling much better.

I had planned on going out to the mall to find a necklace for C to give her on her b-day. I ordered one online and it was a total cluster you know what. We placed the order then we were sent an email to clarify something - we responded - and we kept getting emails back telling us to respond or the order would be cancelled. Then the effers cancelled it!! Flipping idiots. Now I should mention Keith ordered it on his account so he was the one answering and he was probably more laid back about it then I would have been. It wasn't worth fighting with him about it so I've decided to just actually go out and look for what I want to get C. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it before her b-day on the 4th next month.

Alright I better go and offer to help the hubs make dinner. We're having a chicken stir fry which is nice that he's making the effort to help me eat healthier. Here's to getting back on track this week! And for the record I did see a difference on the scale after only a week and more importantly felt a difference! Maybe I will even throw the gym in the mix this week. Yup I was super lazy last week (not to mention busy - I forgot to mention I had dinner out on Thursday as well and then popcorn at the movie!). Yah off the rails.

4:35 p.m. - 2017-01-15


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