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The day of lurve

I love midweek vacation days! I left work early on Tuesday and it was not a minute to soon. It's too much to get into but what I can say is the higher ups better start making smarter decisions when it comes to my job. We have a union for a reason.

Anywho I was extremely glad to leave that joint and join my husband on our mini vacation. After packing the car and heading out our first stop was at a local radio station. My husband won a $100 gift card to a new lotto. Technically I entered him in the draw cause I do both our accounts - you accumulate points by entering the songs of the day and then you can enter different draws they have. He was pretty psyched to win so I was pretty happy as well.

We went to our go-to mini vacation spots - The Falls. We chose a reasonably priced hotel - mid week prices - and upgraded our room with a jet tub. Unfortunately the room wasn't that good. Our balcony on the 2nd floor room looked at a brick wall of the building next to us. Plus one side of the bed was squeezed of space by a HUGE dresser. We decided to be 'those people' and go and ask for another room. We looked at a room on the 7th floor with the exact same lay out (duh) and then were offered a downgrade - the only difference was no fire place but also no huge dresser blocking one side of the bed. Yah we were ok with downgrading. Plus our balcony - 5th floor - looked out over the city - and parking lot - but seeing as it's winter we spent zero time out there.

We had figured out beforehand our dinner plans as we figured all of the good restaurants would be crazy busy because of V day so we ordered a chinese feast and ate it in our room. We then made use of that jetted tub....all night....nope wait til 9 o'clock when my husband passed out. I mean he is used to going to bed at 6 or 7pm so he did good. I then read a good book for the next hour or so til I was able to fall asleep too. Party animals we are not!

This morning we got up (him earlier than me) and while I went swimming in the pool he tubbed it some more (I crashed that when I got back) and before we knew it it was time to check out. We walked down to Clifton Hills and did some of the strip before warming up at Tim's and then walking back to get our car and hit a few more stores before having a very late lunch at 'our' restaurant and then hitting the highway home. It was a Wonderful little getaway.

As I said to Keith when he was going to bed - what do I have to look forward to now? Oh wait I'm off on vacation next week - lol - not bad.

Alright time to wrap this up. I have to call my mom in a few minutes. My dad had a small procedure today and I have to see how it all went (I know he's ok we've been texting). I also want to check their schedule as I may try and pop up for a visit next week.

Oh and I may have even more motivation to organize and de-clutter our basement - we are going to be looking into a new furnace and air conditioner this weekend. It's a good price (although still out the ass expensive). But we need both. Just the thought of not sweating 24 hours a day this summer makes me weak in the knees!

Oh and wish me luck tomorrow! I will be at my neighbours 'hosting' a cleaning product party. Sure hope it ain't a bust!

Oh and PS to Neeks YOU motivate me with your writing! I tried to leave a comment but I can't do that here in dland so I'm adding it here lol.

8:11 p.m. - 2017-02-15


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