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Marching into March

Okay I got 20 minutes to write this entry then I have to call my mom and go to bed. After my last entry where I thought I might be getting a cold - I did. I just started getting over it when WHAM today my throat is sore and scratchy again and I have a super annoying dry cough that does NOT stop. I have slept like crap the past 2 nights which is why I'm pretty sure my cold is ramping up again. I am going to drug myself tonight and hope for a good 8+ hours sleep!

Keith and I are purchasing a new furnace AND air conditioning unit!!! Yes we will have air this summer - it better be damn hot! This is costing us a pretty penny - 5 grand when all is said and done. We will be pulling from different sources for the money - our savings and maybe from our renovation fund for our basement. I was hoping we'd get the payment plan but Keith nixed it for cost reasons. Ah well I'm just glad we are in the position to do this. We are getting this done next Wednesday. Less than a week to clear the storage room in the basement. This wouldn't be a problem if we hadn't had a stupid fight on Sunday when we were supposed to work on the basement. I was sick and cranky and tired of his bs so I yelled at him and left him to do it by himself and we didn't talk for 4 hours. Although to his credit he did a lot of work solo. We both felt we were in the right so it's a miracle we even started speaking again in order to solve our issues. We did. And for the record I was totally in the right. Ha.

We would also be able to clear the basement no problem if we weren't going away this weekend but alas we are. It's my mom and sil's birthdays. I don't know if she knows we're coming down (I'll find out in 10 minutes when I call).

All the cleaning product came in and I got a crap load of free stuff! It's insane. Now I just have to figure out how to use all this stuff.

Alright I felt like I had more to write but I'm too busy coughing. Wish me luck getting that much needed sleep tonight!

8:39 p.m. - 2017-03-01


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