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Okay so to wrap up any unfinished business from my last post. I did call my mom but did not find out if she knew about the b-day parties cause we never got around to talking about it. We mostly talked about how sick my dad was (really bad cold) and other stuff that I can't remember. I did end u getting another cold or a continuation of the one I had. But I was well enough by the time we went away that weekend for the b-day parties. Both of them knew and my sil really hates how my dad likes to pull the surprise thing every single year. I used to be annoyed but now I think it's kind of cute - but then again I don't live with them. The parties were good except this time my mom had a pretty bad cold. Keith and I arrived late Saturday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. Short visit. We did stay up late watching these aussie man videos with my brother and sil. They were stupid and sometimes gross but made us lol a lot.

By Monday Keith felt a cold coming on and it's now been over a week and he is still sick. He's got it bad and he can't take any time off work so he's not getting that 24 hour sleep thing that most of us need to help us recuperate. He's starting to sound bronchial which is not good. I really hope he turns the corner soon. I've been trying to do more cooking etc but as he gets home first and needs to go to bed early he kind of has to make dinner. I was trying to encourage him to get quick stuff even if it's frozen so he has to do less work. Men.

Although I do feel bad cause Saturday evening I ran over to our neighbours at 5 o'clock and asked him to put the chicken on and I would do the rest when I was back 'shortly'. Um fast forward to 7pm when I got a text from him telling me the chicken has been done for 40 minutes. Whoops! I got chatting away to my neighbours and time flew. Turns out I really enjoy hanging out with them and shooting the breeze! Who knew? But poor Keith. I came home to find dinner 90% ready - I just made up a quick salad to go with it. I did feel bad but not too much for leaving him alone as he was playing a new video game that he seemed to be enjoying.

(On my sil's b-day (Friday) I text her happy birthday and a while later she text me back telling me her mom had had a stroke! Thankfully she is doing much better the last few days. Not a b-day she will want to remember.)

Sunday I finally got around to mopping the kitchen floor - it's um been ages. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner cause it looks (and feels) so much better! Right Neeks?!

We have such minimal cupboard space in our kitchen so things pile up everywhere - beside the table - on the table - on the counters. I went to town decluttering the kitchen before the big mop and it looks so much better.

Keith is annoyed with me because I keep pushing for our BIG tv to be moved out of the house to the ewaste site. But it has to be moved by Keith's work truck (yah this thing is mammoth). Keith keeps saying it won't free up that much room (in what we affectionately call the office) where it was stored when we moved it out of the living room but I KNOW it will help us big time. I'm on a purging kick and if I can get to half the stuff in the office without a tv blocking me I can get rid of a lot. Plus we have a brand new tv sitting in the office as well - in box. Keith got it around boxing week I think? The plan is to get rid of mammoth, open up new tv put it in living room, put living room's in our bedroom and the bedroom tv will also go to the ewaste place (huge tube tv). I feel bad about that one as it still works so I will try and give it away first on a free site. Alright enough about tv's.

So on Friday I got up at 5:50am and went to the gym before work. Why? Just to see if I could do it. It was hard. I got up with my alarm, got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my packed bag, opened the front door and shut it again. It was COLD and DARK. But I gave myself a mental slap and forced myself to GO! And I survived! And I felt good! Have I done it again? Hell no! I had high hopes for this morning - I even went to bed at a decent hour - ahem - but I did not sleep, oh no my body was having none of it. It wanted to stay up and do something fun! Losing an hour of sleep was not the day to try and go to the gym. I may try tomorrow but it's supposed to snow and I sure as hell ain't shovelling and getting up even earlier to do so. I am NOT a morning person.

I did compromise tonight and go out and shovel cause again I knew the gym wasn't happening. I bundled up, and spent almost 15 minutes out there lol. That's all it took. But any exercise is good right? Sigh. I hope we don't get too much more of this white stuff.

I want Spring.

8:12 p.m. - 2017-03-13


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